Practice 20321

Practicing intros: Lillith

For the moment Lillith was content sitting in an empty lunch hall across from a cute and newly found porter. It was as close to midday as she could be guest. Lillith loved sitting on the second floor balcony of Big Mah’s Tavern. From this vantage point she could see the North entrance to Monolith Point’s dungeon.

The North face was the plainest of the two, but not al things needed to be dazzling to hold great value, or so that is what Lillith thought.

The monochrome silver grey had a charm all of its own. This was in contrast to all the colorful Hunters descending into the dungeon’s underbelly.

From this vantage point, Lillith watched the coming and goings of the other adventurers. This is how Lillith got the idea to hire a porter (Its short for Supporter).

Lillith had gotten down to the fifth floor and keeping track of dropped items was difficult. Not even to mention when others would scalp your loot. This would lead her to have to back down or fight this guys to the death. Dying wasn’t worth the loot. There was so much down here that it made no sense to take from others. But greed it greed.

Porters main job is to collect the loot drops, while the Hunter is sleighing anything that posses a threat.

it had nothing to do with Lillith found Bella wounded and unconscious in a crevice in a mind down state. Whomever had contracted Bella had left her for dead, left behind to suffer a fate of becoming Dungeon Monster food. Left to her own fate. Lillith cant feel anything but contempt for them. Bella had a broken leg that didn’t come from fighting, because porters don’t fight. That was the hunters job. So how did she

Porters also carry items for purches; like extra torches or healing potions … if you can afford them that is. Porters have a nasty habit of marking the prices of items based on their necessity. The greater the need the greater the cost.

Bella is a magically enhanced halfling.

The lycant of grey coughs to pull back Lillith’s attention.

Bella was a half long that had contracted with a beast.

She needed to survive and the beast needed food.

So in exchange for one of her legs,

the sentient Dier-wolf granted Bella Dier-wolf traits.

But Bella being so young when it happened,

the transformation has left Bella’s size stunted.

Altho she is still feminine. Her smell is pungent in a good way.

She gained a Short haired Husky like pelt print.

It mixes well with her ice cold blue/grey glaring irises.

When she squints, its freezes Lillith in her tracks.

Lillith is pretty sure its some sort of domination magic. Whatever it is it is still way cool. The term Porter comes from the word “supporter”.

Monolith Point Dungeon or MP1: short for Magical Power. This is shortened the dungeon’s slogan says it all “If you ain’t got non, then don’t bother.”

Lillith Varrook and Bella Heast

Cold Opening practice 012221/ BERRY

Berry had been walking this same road for weeks. The well used road has no travelers on it. An oxymoron if Berry had ever thought. Cresting a steep hill Berry can see what looks like a dark cloud over a a dip in the topogrofy. It takes a second to match it with the idea of smog; if there is smog then there must be people. Berry picks up his pace. His rations are gone and a hot meal would be a lovely change.

Finley a city of brightly colored buildings appear in the distance. The idea he will be around others like himself brings a calming. He breathes heavily in relief.

Excuse me sir?

The sound stops him in his tracks. Berry look around and sees no one. He wonders if he had imagined it or if it was the wind playing tricks on him. Maybe it the lack of food since he had to ration his rations.

“Down here Sir.”

To hear that same voice came from so close a distance, but he only sees a bush that reminds him of poison oak back home. And the time his cousins talked him into jumping in it. The weeks of agonizing pain, the bloody skin that turned into scars.

Berry cant stop himself from jumping back.

The voice says with sprink of concern “Sir?”

Berry mind goes back to wondering why is a bush talking to him. 

That would never have happened in his home town, but now that he is here. Well anything must go. Even talking bushes. 

This could only mean one thing. and it’s about damn time. He has been waiting to try out his sword skills. Then the unthinkable pops into his thoughts… what if this is God come to fuck his shit up. Not that cant be… this is a new place.

With trepidation berry asks; 

“Do you have a quest for me?”

The bush responds with a serten amount of slyness.

“A quest…. yes of course i do.”

“Well then lay it on me.”

“Lay what apon you?”

“The Quest… what is it then.”

“Oh, I need you to take me to the lowest level in the tower of Baphamite.”

“Okay, sounds simple enough.”

“Simple you say.”

“Yes, where is that tower at?”

“At the top of the GorGon mountain you shall find an enterence to a Dungeon. There is where our journey shall begin.”

“Just out of curiosity… Why does a bush need to ascend a mountain and into a dungeon; wont your roots die or something like that?”

With a snapping of her lips.

“I’m not a damn bush you imbecile.”

Branches move like arms and Illusion magic is reviled to be a girl of about 10.

Berry cant help but thinks that it made more sense when she was a bush.

“Ah!” He scratches his short b town hair. “Why do you need to go up there?”

“Because it is my destiny… and all those who follow and survive shall inherit great wealth and Demi god like power. What say you.”

“Hell yes little lady… but did you ask your parents first?”

“You surely jest… i am a thousand years old. My family has fueled forests ten times over.”

“You sound kinda bitter.”

“I offer you a quest of a lifetime, and you mock me.”

“Who me? Not at all. I shall accompany you till death door allows us entery.“

It Sounded way cooler in his head then out loud.

“Well said, then let us be off.”


Wondering while i prep my gf lunch for tomorrow; how much backstory is needed to start a story?

If you rad the back cover of the book then it shouldnt take much, right?

I mean a boy takes on adventures to become rich, famous, and powerful. What else is their to know at the begging.

If you (the writer) cant get people (readers) to engage; then isnt it failure; not the readers?

Like, in rpg’s… its set in the same time period, same magic systems, same type of heroes.

The only difference is your (writer) observations, your way of thinking, your belief system… the first is the easy one. You can only see what you see. The other two cant be described in a paragraph,

Is this a rant or lucid-whining… not sure. I’m using Ruffles cheddar & Sour cream as a fuel source for my brain.

Ill have to give the simple opener a go tomorrow’s practice session.

Grant… practice scene starter

The sun fell hours ago. Twilight is firmly in place and VeGo the yellow moon rises to shower the land with its pungent light. For some reason the yellow son has always given him trouble. Mostly in his sight. It interferes with his night vision. Another handy race trait for the elves. As if being stronger and faster, with copious amounts of magic weren’t enough insults for the humans. They have the worst eyesight on any bipedal race. Grant throws pebbles every has picked rom the ground. He likes the sounds they make as they clack against the caves wall. His but gains the cool nights air moisture while being lost in thought over his predicament. He would sigh if he thought it would do any good. He doesn’t want to admit it but he is going to need help to scout this cave’s tunnel system. It might be a back entrance to the near by dungeon or a whole separate dungeon that has gone undiscovered. And that means lots of easy levels and copious amounts of (which he has desired to rename them) Energon Crystals. Grant hates the idea of it but he doesn’t have a chose, he will have to recruit party members. Its a drag every time he has to do it. Never once has it gone right of ended well. Metal coin and ring alike drive humans to their worst. But they are relatively harmless and they can be very useful in distracting the enemy so that he can get better shots. His fingers sweep across the divot filled floor. He’s Searching for stoney protrusions. But he has picked the area clean. He tilts to side side til he falls onto his back pack. This is his makeshift bedding. it sucks with this chill in the air, but he cant risk being caught. He must be ready to go in an instant if there are late night intruders. Static fills his brain as he falls asleep.

Sorry its a run-on, but its just a taste.