Blackarrow part 2

Meghan runs into Blue as she is logging out. Meghan is quick to wave.

Meghan sees Blue catches sight of her before becoming invisible.

She is almost sure that she smiled at her.

Meghan slaps her face as if she has trying to wake herself up. With a tap to her left wrist she pulls up her sensorium. Meghan checks her XP and weapons. Her sword is damaged and she will need a new one soon. Her shield still has some time before needing to upgrade. The drops for butterflys is nearly none existent. They are to low level, and she lost all the drops from the wasps. Meghan’s smile is droops to a straight line. Meghan spent all night trying to put yesterday’s end, out of her mind.

She shakes her head to scramble that nonsense in her head.

“Alright, lets get to work.”

Meghan isnt sure if it will work in here, but mother is a big believer in Manifesting. Mother read the “Secret” like a thousand times. 

“But it cant hurt to try, right?”

Meghan can feel someone gaze on her. She is pretty sure it wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that she’s been openly talking to herself. 

Meghan squints her eyes and scans the lack luster crowds to see if anyone is scoping her out funnily, Meghan cant see anyone giving her the stink eye.

Nothing is sticking out to her… Except a suit of SkyBlue armor in the distance.

Meghan jumps up and yells at the top of her lungs.


Blue doesn’t respond; Meghan wonders if it is because she is looking at her stats sheet. Meghan makes a B-line for her friend. But they also log off before Meghan reaches her.

“Wait… there are two Blues… ?” 

Its not uncommon to have duplicate at lower levels, because no one hasn’t gathered enough resources or drop items to distinguish themselves yet.

Meghan shivers, its the gaze thing again. But this time its more focused on her ass.

As in the real world it’s probably just a pervert. 

Just incase Meghan takes notice of the players. And the blank stares of the NPC’s that are standing around waiting to be talk to. 

“How boring a life. Just waiting to give out a mission.”

[missions are in town; quests or out of town.]

Its non rush hour, but its still crazy how empty this place is.

Meghan snaps back into her usual mode.

“Everyone must be busy adulting.” 

With a deep breath Meghan ensures herself that she will enjoy this quiet time.

“O’h yeah…You cant get what you want, if you dont ask for it.”

-change of scene:

Meghan moves to her old hunting spot. She had planed on it last time, but she had a slight PK problem.

“I Love to, if you dont mind.”

Said in response to asking herself if she wanted to be the “bestest” in the whole wide digital world. 

“Focus. Gotta get those drops.”

Meghan and Lisa “Blackarrow”

This is a continuation of the same story; however it keep here i am at, i am going to need to start marking then, other then [cont.]

Its a new day and it is the same old same old. That what it means to grind.

Blue is quick to pop up.

Blue says: “How’s the leveling up going?”

Meghan says: “You know… slow, actually slower then i remember.

It was about a year ago, that they reconfigured the levels. They are more complicated now.

Meghan says: “Yes, maybe we can met up for a mug later and we could talk about it?

Blue says: “Sure.”

Meg says: Your awesome.

Blue uses the hand to touch the center of her chest plate.

Blue: anything for a freeing in need.

Meg: Thats super corny, like something my dad would say… but i get you. L8’er

Meghans proclamation has made Blues cheeks blush. Blue is quick to turn and heads out with out another word. Meghan can’t help but to watch the tall woman with broad shoulders wander off in the the heart of the city.

Meghanlifts her shield off the ground. With an audible huff to show that she is eager, Meghan is ready to get back to grinding out her lower levels. Plus she needs more skills to boost her gameplay. She is totally sucking right now, it’s so embarrassing.

All she can do right now is carry her head like her shield… up.

While walking Meghan motors to herself,
“the more skills I gather should boost my durability. So I need to stay focused on being able to survive. Since I’m a shield maiden, and Lisa is going to be depending on me for protection.

It has taken Meghan sometime to walk the scenic route to where she dealt with the butterflies.
But she needs to walk a little further. She needs to find where there are stronger monsters.
Stronger masters will equal better experience points. And she should take advantage of her new skill.
The boost skill or attribute or feet is one that will allow her to boost any other scale, Attribute, or feet.
Meghan has decided on it being most useful as a way for her to become a rancor.
More experience points will mean gaining skills faster. Which will make her more useful.
Although Meghan doesn’t really feel more useful in this tank character. There’s a reason she’s never played a tank character before. It is rather a boring position. Usually comes with a lack of mobility. This means that the enemy gets to beat on you, while you have to stand there and take it. Meghan knows that this is only a game. But when getting up to bus flights later on; standing there and taking wildly powerful hits from crazy mad men/ Monsters is on the scary side. It’s already starting to give her anxiety.

Meghan has put a lot of thought into this. She was strategizing while reading some Reddit comments about the upgrades to the new gameplay. Apparently it was just mostly patches to some of the characters and landscaping. Plus a D bath to a school where magic users could make their opponents gear vanish, and most disturbing could make a characters wearables become invisible.
” Pervert, they’re all perverts. “

Halfway in between thinking of the games acquired perversions and monsters, meghan continues to talk to her self,
“if I could detect them, before they attack, that would totally be useful. “

Meghan pushes through some low bushes which are just slightly taller than her self.
Using her shield as a wedge against the branches, Meghan finds herself in a crescent moon shaped field of crabgrass and duff comprising of leaves and needles from the surrounding trees and bushes.

Meghan is immediately confronted by a wasp that is the size of both of her hands clasped together. The butterflies were annoying, but Meghan has a distain for wasps and or anything be like. Without hesitation Meghan swings her crusty short sword smashing. Smacking the wasp into the ground.

Unlike the butterflies, the wife just seems to be in better condition. Megan sensorium isn’t up so she can’t read the damage meter. Meghan continues to/at the wasp. The wasp can’t fly due to a damn just wing; however it is now crawling towards Meghan.

Meghan does her best to count the slashes and or strikes. By her estimate it takes about five solid contacts with her short sword to destroy this monster.

Now being clearly in the field, Meghan can see that there are other wasps nearby. They seem to be flying in sept patterns. Meghan knows that if she doesn’t enter into the pattern radius, the wasps won’t attack her. So if she stays to the edge of the clearing. Then she won’t get trapped into having to fight her way out. Nothings work then when you have to lose a days worth of experience points due to Diying.

Meghan walks to the edge of the clearing and picks one of the smaller wasps. This is slightly different from the first time she played the game. The first time all of the masses were precisely the same generation. They would update the generations periodically but they would all remain identical. But since her last play through it looks like they have upgraded the system to have a variety of shapes and or sizes.

As soon as Meghan steps into the wasps figure 8; the wasp makes a beeline for her face. This wasp is much fat stir than the last one. Megan swings her sword and the smaller target moves out of her swords range. Meghan Kanell see that the size and shapes very but so do the tactics in which the monsters use. This will take more effort to decipher the patterns of attacks that the martyrs are capable of. You would think that Meghan would find this annoying, but in fact having to relearn how to play this game is more interesting this way.

The wasp keeps rotating towards her left. This makes it harder for Megan to swing her sword. As soon as possible Meghan is going to have to upgrade her sword to something with a greater reach. Eventually the wasp dives in towards her and Meghan uses her shield to bash the wasp.

“Fun “thump “thumper your motherfucker. New paragraph

This time Meghan does not stung the wasp, but it does stop moving for her to make a slash attack upon the monster.
She can only go by a guesstimation of that it will probably take about five solid here it’s to destroy this monster.
It feels like she is falling into a rut of familiarity. This one to combination seems to become like second nature to her.
Unfortunately her guesstimation of five strikes does not account for this size of wasp.
Meghan feels like she should be exhausted by the seven sets of actions. But it is only a game.
This time Meghan remembers to turn on her some saurians battle graph.

All of the wasps there regardless of their size and or shape have about the same amount of hit points.
That tells her that each wasp must have different skill levels. And different armor classes.
With this in mind Meghan tries to find a wasp that was equal to the first one she thought.
She picks a fight with it, and it takes five solid slashes to destroy it.
So they are equal when they are relative in size and or shape,; but she should not plan on this as a catchall.
She should always be aware that the game administrators or architects may throw in wild cards. Ones that trick players into picking fights with much greater potency than they were expecting.

If Meghan is going to get the same amount of XP for destroying these monsters; then she should work on the ones that take less effort to destroy. So her target will be the fat chubby ones.

Meghan spends about an hour creating a pattern of which wasps will respond, respond…
Meghan only occasionally looks at her battle graph. With low creatures like this there’s no real need.
She would have to be completely incompetent to get caught unaware by these very stagnant monsters.
She is now just counting down till she reaches her next level up.

It looks like the architecture has increased the number of XP that is required to level up.
The first time she played through this game, on her first day she was third level. But she has been playing this game for three days now and she hasn’t even hit the first level. The leveling must be much higher than it was before. Meghan is going to have to read through the directions to make sure that she is complying with all of the requirements to level up. Maybe they have put something in here that she was not aware of. Like she may need to upgrade all her gear before she can level up. Or maybe something as strange as she needs to buy the right outfit. Sometimes in these games it’s just a peculiar thing. In another game that Meghan played she had to sing a song to level up. Another one she had to run around her base of operations 10 times in one day to level up. A lot of time it just feels like she is being toyed with; however not in a bad way. She understands that the game makers need to find new ways to engage with their client base. And for the most part this game it’s pretty straightforward as far as she remembers so, she isn’t planning on too many shenanigans in between her and her leveling.

Meghan here’s the brushes behind her move, Russell. She turns her back on the wasp in the anticipation of being attacked by a random monster. Instead she hears a whistling sound.

Meghan feels a pinching or burning sensation in her thigh. She has her gain pain center set to the lowest setting. So she is aware that she was just hit by something. Her HP bar goes down by a third. Meghan looks down to see an arrow sticking out of her thigh. Meghan puts her shield to the ground and hides behind it. But since being hit her speed has been decreased. This is one of those game mechanics that if you were injured you aren’t at full speed or strength.

Meghan is hoping that it was just mistaken identity. Until she hears a second whistling sound, this one is to her ribs.
Warning signs of significant damage to her start popping up around the edge of her vision.
Why would somebody be attacking her. Are there really PK players on the prime level. That seems rather unsportsmanlike. She is like a newborn. Barely able to defend herself. If this is anyone with slight skill, Meghan is absolutely no match for them.

Meghan here’s a third whistle and then her vision begins to blur and black out.
As her character lays there passing out or Diying if you will. She hear someone say,

“that Ohta teach you. “

And with that being said the game logs Meghan out.
But before the system shuts down. The game has now instituted a 12 hour ban for Diying. This must be some new mechanic in set up the players to try harder not to die. Why would the banning be more important than the fact that Meghan just lost a half a days worth of experience points.

Meghan knows this is how the game is played, but it still sucks when is your term.

To be continued.

Meghan and Lisa (cont.)

Meghan reflects on blue’s warm goodbye.

“Sure, have fun.”

I knew it; she is super nice. Maybe i should see if she wants to join my and Lisa Adventure Party (AP)”

The very thought of Lisa’s name crushes Meghan tummy. Lisa texted her a Boob pic and told her she was still grounded.

This plan of their, the one where they spend their last summer together on a play-through of their childhood oasis of solitude… for two. This’ turning out to be a real bummer. Lisa is in real trouble this time. Not like her usual pranks.


Meghan is eager to get back to grinding. It will take all this off of her mind. But this time she wants to try something a little harder.

Mostly because it will help her gain more XP. That mean she wont have to stay in her all day to reach level 2. She has only about 3 hours in the real world to play. Then she has to get dinner ready for dad.

Moms at the factory on a double shift. and dad is particular about his diner being ready on time. Not that he’s abusive, but grumpy.

Dad would cook his own dinner but he cant manage to burn every single thing he touches.

Its one of the reasons that Mom chose him. She says that they chose one another more then falling in love. The love came later. She says its old fashion romance.

“Plus a man who cant cook for himself is basically trapped”.


The first radiant butterfly swoops in at her face and she instinctively shield bashes it. The wings flutter to the ground with out the main body.

“Ewww, thats sad, and kinda gross. I dont know if i like al these new updates.”

[pop up] Congratulations! You have gained shield bash [minor]

Meghan should form some sort of a plan for reaching a Master’s level.

Muttering to herself:

“Well, i normally i go for offensive power over defense; but I’m a shieldmaiden… defensive is sorta her thing this time around. I need to stay focused on being able to survive. Lisa is going to be her Sword maiden like always. Its the only thing she will play. So for now…”

Meghan sets an image of the greatest Shieldmaiden she could ever hope to be in her mind. That is what she will work towards from here on out. will need to raise her armor class. That way she can be a proper TANK.

“Butterflies wont cut it.”

Meghan turns to the West.

Meghan and Lisa – (Cont.)

“You keeping your eyes open?”

“Hey, Blue!”

“Hey … um … i didn’t get your name, did i; so sorry. What Is your name?”

“Megh… May”.

Rule one: Never give out your real name; because … stalkers.

“No i lying, my name is Meghan, its not open knowledge so please don’t give it out, okay.

“Yeah sure, but why tell me?

“I like your … i can tell that your like a good person, yah know.“

“Ah no, but what is done is done. I’m Barbara; between us.


“So what are you up to today?”

“I have a date.

“A date?”

“Yes, me and the death butterflies. They’re viscous little predators that want to lick you to death.

Blue breaks in to armor shaking robust laughter.

“Okay blue, have a good day.

“Okay… megh… what should i call you…

“I dont know; ill have to think about it… byeeeeeee.

Meghan waves energetically, a huge smile that could rival the yearly morning Sun.

Scene break ——-

World building … Currency

Noble metals are the preferred measure of payment.

In this world their are 12 standardized 1oz coins. used for personal payments.

Pewter = .25 of copporium coin. A dusty grey yellow color.

Copporium; 1.00; Copper is the standard denomination of all the metals. It is equal to common US currency.

Anidiun: 5 cp / a white metal with a mild shine.

Rendium: 10 cp / dark or dusky silver

Silvium: 20 cp

Pauladium: 50 cp / a grey with no shine.

Bosminium: 100 cp / blueish silver.

Elrindium: 500 cp / a shinny white variant of Platinum

Ruthium: 1000. Cp / this is the only Alloy on this list. Its a mixture of pauladium and platinum; it is harder then the other two.

Goldium: 5,000. Cp

Platinum: 10,000 cp.

Rhoadium: 100,000 cp. yes this 1oz coin is worth one hundred thousand copper pieces. Its also super reflective. It said that you can get most in its luster for a life time.

Sizes for mass trade:

Brick = 20 lbs

Bar = 10lbs

I get = 5lbs

Single coin = 1oz

Double coin = 2oz

A Ring [is a purification of a 1oz coin,that has a hole in the middle where the impurities have been removed]. They must meet a minimum standard of more then 99.999 percent pure.

And in some places the metal is spun. Like strains of a goddesses hair. This is also purified.

Meghan and Lisa [continued]

Meg was supposed to be studying. But she never made it out of bed.

Meg rubs her left shoulder, as if she had really spent the whole day carrying a dark brown shield, and then she rubs the right shoulder as if she had been swinging a dull silver sword that look to be made of pewter then steal; “it felt more like lead tho”.

The most memberal thing was that Wonder Woman; that supersize sized Amazonian in sky blue armor. Meg smiles, but not sure why.

“She was so nice.”

As is required at this point when meeting someone new Meg now has to decide if that person if safe, but first Meg needs to decide if they are a boy or a girl.

In these games you never know. People always want to play characters that are dissimilar to them selves. The sex mechanic has probably made his one of those perverted spots that are frequently trolled.

“But blue didnt seem like that kinda guy… girl. It felt more like Motherly. Or so that is the feeling Meg gets from her mother when she doesn’t get an A in ever class.

“You’ll grow up dumb and end up poor, dont plan on sleeping in my basement.”

“Mom, we dont have a basement.”

“I know that stupid, that why you cant live there.”

Meg sighs and turns her head words her poster of “Harley Quinn. This is how meg gets out of her head. Her conversations with her family are way to stressful, even the imaginary ones.


Meg replays the night were she got this Poster of a Goddess of Chaos; Meg scored it on opening night of the 10th installment of “Suicide Squad”. He favorite of them all. They are al just so bizarre in each owns way.

Meg smackers her forehead as to say enough of that kinda thinking.

“It doesn’t even matter.”

Its a game and if it come to that she can just log off. Blue was, is supper nice.

Meg decides that if they want to be a girl then, good for them, explore those options.

“No judgments here.”

Meg’s alarm goes off; she hisses at is. Its almost if she didn’t want to take her medication.

… to be continued … Ran out of time.


Story from 2021.

A journey of infinite steps.

Meghan or Megg’s or friends carwash call her, has just entered and immersive role playing game that she gave her years ago.
The game she played is called “a whole New World”.

It has been so long that she could not remember her name or it’s Pasco passcode.
So Meghan just decided to create a whole new avatar.
It’s fine, she and her best friend Lisa were going to play through this game one more time.
Meghan had received a invitation to a private school abroad.
This nostalgic remind her of the good times that Lisa and her dad call mom.

The game as to download significant updates to be reactivated.
While Meghan is waiting for the download to progress,
She picks out for class.
She has tried every class except for the shield maiden.
“Why not. “
Meghan really doesn’t like getting hit. She’s always trying to dodge though the bullet, so to speak.

Meghan doesn’t think that she is a girly girl, but she does pick a pink starter dress, that does feel a little bit on the I’m desperate to prove that I’m a girl luck. Throat “why should this even matter “. Because if she doesn’t choose a dress color; she will end up walking around in her a cup bra and granny panties.

The game cushions Meghan forward. Out in to a starter town at random. Everyone who has played this game knows that difficult motors are always to the south; And all the easy ones are to the north.

Meghan checked her bag, which is held in her sensorium. In this bag she has three days worth of food and water rations, one wall blanket, one short sword of poor quality, one shield wouldn’t of poor quality.

Meghan can’t go into the fourth yet. She has to wait for the system to finish downloading the upgrades.
So she wanders around the town square window shopping with all the potential things she will buy when she gets the money.
Meghan currently has one gold coin and seven gold coins and three copper coins.

Copper the default coin in this world. It basically equates to one dollar in the real world.
She has always preferred the shiny coins compared to the Matt points coins.

Meghan hears people talking about the rambunctious monsters to the north of the city.
This is idle chatter by 10. NPC. It’s a verbal cue to head towards the north.
Among the NPC, there are active adventurous. They are all like her.
However most of them look like they have been grinding down on the first level for quite some time.
A lot of people are worried about losing their stuff if they die; so they max out their level one stats before moving to the second level. This is a smart way to play if you want to ensure that you never really come up against a difficult battle.

She can hear some of the active players discussing her wardrobe.
“Look at that noob… Ha ha. Lol quote.
“I highly doubt she’ll make it through the day.
“Is that supposed to be a girl? I highly doubt she has a vagina.
“You you’re being gross.
“Don’t lie, you do it too.
” I’m not like you, just because it’s got a hole that I can poke, does it make it fun.
“You’re such a pussy.

They both laugh out loud.

Meghan wonders if there is even a sex mechanic in this game…
“Maybe its a upgrade?”

“They’re just trying to gate keep this world to them selves.”
Meg is staring a woman, clad in head to toe sky blue armor. The woman goes on the comment,
“They were just messing with you… probably. Best to keep an eye out on your surroundings tho, and i mean at all times. And, no backstreet deals till you’re more powerful, kay.”

There is some real disdain in her voice for those teenagers.

“Everyone calls me Big Blue, but my friends just call me Blue.

This is an anything that Meghan hasn’t heard before. It always seems to be like that every time she logs on to any games.
It seems that people truly enjoy trying to make her feel bad. It’s probably because she’s always smiling.
Unlike a lot of people her age who have forgotten how to smile.
Meghan has always tried to make an attempt to find the beauty and joy in all things.
Meghan will enjoy this time she gets to spend with Lisa, as soon as Lisa is not grounded.
Lisa being grounded isn’t a reason for Meghan to not grind out a few XP while she waits.

Meghan only came into the game to set up her avatar. But since she is logged on and it has been such a long time,
Why not test her skilled at being a shield maiden.

The meter saying that all the current downloads are uploaded is near completed.
Meghan moves towards the Northgate exit of the city.
Just passed the large granite pillars is a vast field of neon green grass. And just at the end of her site ability is the tree line where most of the monsters like to hide attend attempt to ambush adventurous.

With an audible ping, Meghan marches forward in what seems like the middle of the day.
Here in the game, there are our marks. Every hour on the hour 24 hours a day all the characters will hear the master clock chime.
Just thought it was a add to the game to make it more immersive.
But in hindsight it seems more that the game makers were trying to help those who forget that they’re in a reality marble.

Meghan caps on a bracelet that is securely wrapped around her right wrist.
Just brings up her sensorium, she can see what is in her bag of holding.
She tabs on the short sword, appears in her right hand, since she is right handed.
Then she taps on the wooden shield and it appears on her left arm.
She then closes out the sensorium window.

Megan marching into the woods without checking her stats or skills. These monsters on the first level in starter towns are generally so weak that they are of no real threat. They are more just a teaching tool, so that newbies can become a custom to game systems battle function. It’s really not that complicated. If something comes out to you, you put the shield in between you and that monster. When you have stopped the monster, you then use your sword to stab it to death. Where the muscle will then shatter into luminous glitter.

Cut scene:

Its getting late in the forest and she can tell its getting late.
She can tell because its starting to dim the lights.
Meaning it’s approaching twilight.
Meghan isn’t exhausted from moving, but she is tired of imagining the movement of her digital arms.

These Small monsters have been continuously attacking her.
Most of them seem to be multi colored butterflies.
Meghan isn’t sure how these are supposed to be called monster.
They’re way too cute, and dont do any real damage.
They have added some pretty good XP for her first day of grinding.
Now she just needs to work her way back to the city, so she can log out for the day.

Meghan remembers that she has exams to study for; so after this, shes got to grab a pod for coffee, new new dingy textbook, and get to that studying. Mother’s always saying “Learning doesn’t happen on its own, you know.”
Why cant they create a reality marble to teach social studies.

Meghan has gotten disorientated and is having a hard time finding her way back to the city.
It should just be in her cesarean map. But the map is still not upgraded, So it is showing that it is off-line.
Meghan which is their work quarters so she could follow them back to the city like breadcrumbs.
But there are no carcasses; however there is mild battle damage and she has left some pretty big foot prints stopping around this fall.

As she uses her shield to block the bloodthirsty butterflies; she tries to retrace her tracks.
Meghan sometimes misses the body of the butterflies and only wants one or two of the wings off.
In a gross display she must take her shield in bash the pretty things into the ground.
Megan can’t believe that she is doing this with her shield.
The game designers couldn’t have imagined that this would be used as a hammer,, Or a mace mace.
But they haven’t thought of is working in her defense call mom call mom. For her call fence offense.

I guess it really doesn’t matter when she bashes the mud. The blunt sword and the blunt shield give her the same amount of XP.

It’s past twilight and into the night by the time Meghan makes her way back to the city. It became easier to find the darker it we came outside. The city lights cast a glowing dome that makes it easy to hone in on.

Before she logs out she has to except the XP and boost. The system congratulate her on a job well done.
Honestly Meghan doesn’t feel like she did all that great. But like everything this has a learning curve.
The only way to get through it is to do it. And so she logs off and wakes up in her bed; more tired than when she lay down.
They say this gaming experience is to be similar to meditating. The calm and peaceful or not where she is at.
She is agitated at the lack of her progress, and annoyed at her lack of skills. Also peeved that she now has to restart this whole game from the beginning. Her other character had millions in gold. She could have bought anything she desired. This would make her experience a much more fun and simplistic experience. That is what she had hoped for. So her and Lisa could just goof off beating up little slime monsters till the hearts content; and end of summer signal home her her imminent departure.

I will end this here for today.

I used my talk to text function.

I used it to write out the beginning to a story.

I’m calling this story “Meghan and Lisa.” Because the dictation machine doesn’t understand Meg, it thinks I’m saying Maybe…

And dont get me started on the word “comma”. It thinks i saying “Call mom”. ########

I will add the new story up on a new blog, so folks dont have to see/read all this.

Have a blessed day.