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PRACTICE #51720 / 

No editing allowed…



Scene: Metro City’s financial block.


James, Jim, Jimmy: 40 plus glasses, brown hair with a come over; think lonely science teacher. Jimmy is wearing a Tan colored suit. A white shirt contrast his slim black zip up tie. He looks like he just got out of aq job managing a Dairy Queen, al be it as a manager. Hunched over, Frail, desperate. 

[shit Ironman] keep going…

Juan: tall good posture (contest Jimmy). Juan is wearing s black tailored suit (it’s a greenblack), Red shirt and Yellow tie.



Well my gf yelled out WereWolf.

Werewolves and Vampire are the easy way out; Monsters are…?

Revenge on a Full Moon?

Person in a wheelchair; plus a sucker?

Revenge + sucker?

They are a sucker for believing in revenge.

Revenge + wheelchair?

Payback for a wheelchair. Being put in one. Putting some one in one. Taking one away. Not being helpful….

Not helping out with a wheelchair. Punish those with the means to help but chose not too.

Revenge + full moon? I dont know, this is a problem. I need to make this Its a physical and emotional link. 

But i dont know.

Not at this moment.

Let’s think about the moon.

Old black and white films.

Amore = itaian spelling of love

Amour = French spelling of love

Amor = Spanish spwelling of love.


Theatrical motivation?

Dancing with a Davil in the light of a full moon. 

Batman slash joker.



Two persons.

Poor and rich.

Have and have not.

Scene: street corner at night under a full moon.

This reminds me of an exercise i did in high school drama class.

A poor beggar, now an old friend trying to reconnect with a connection to money.


Gf trying to cover herself up on the floor at me feet.

Poor to prove a point that just because you have dosent mean it cant be taken away.

Or that the weak can easily take back the power when ever they want.

It really easy to take. Is it hard to give back?

The poor have to share because there is a finite amount of access to the things that could make there lives easier.

Decision of the value of Owning things vs The lack of owning thing.

What right do you have to – keep versus take.

Its mine. How childish.

When one cant move, they defend it with all the vigor they can muster, it that breaks down and they revert to baser communication.

Revenge + revenge? Revenge for revenge sake.


After i slept, easily the next morning i sat down to 5 pieces of bacon and a Celsius HEAT, the Cherry Lime; I friend that it is the only one that works for me. And now I’m going to Just start writing.

///Came up with the idea of him having a hard time in life.

Maybe the current economic situation is making his business fail.

All the people that depend on him will soon be on the street if he cant find a way to fix the cash flow problem.///

/// i imagine Jimmy on the street walking down a grim or gloomy business area.

He sees a familiar face (aka old high school dully).

This chance meeting sends the Bullied Co/ into disbelief when his high school bully could brush him off so easily. This moment he is mentally transported back to a place of feeling utterly weak and helpless. He shouldnt have to feel like this, no one should. But yet he stands a monster from the past would couldnt find the time of day to be polite. (this sets Jimmy on to a path of revenge).

/// i go back to the image of Jimmy walking alone and sinking into himself, as if the last of his hopes have just been dashed…///

/// i see his stop and gander at a man of prastege and influence, the guy is waiting for the vallete to fetch his no drought expensive car.///

/// James had come from the fith Bank to denigh him a loan to save a business.

Soon his whole life will be nothing but a forgettable moment in a history no one would remember. 

Wife left him for his female Rachet Ball Couch. He now has to pay for them to live in an apartment to get her and pay his wife an alowence, mandated by the courts.

Eldest daughter left him for a biker named Wesley the Weezzle. She likes to call his when Weezzle runs out of money for drugs.

Middle daughter moved over sea to another country in pursuit of a life that didn’t exclude him but his checkbook. With a simple text. Like “hey daddy” she expects him to send her thousands of dollars.

Youngest daughter is in need of a sex change, even tho he like girls. And expects him to pay for it. While living in his home, eating his food, playing video game online so no one can see him; yet still maintains that he has the right to yell at him for “not being fucking understanding”. About his feelings. 

And all would have continued except that the new pandemic had killed his business.

Thought break – 


/// oh shit, maybe they both have the same problem and they are in this together. They cook up a scenario that will make the company that Juan works for to pay a team million dollar ransom fee.///

/// Juan steals the whole team million dollars and leaves him High and dry. 

/// no leaving him with the Company sending goons after him to get their money back and make him pay.

/// Goons dont care about Juan, altho one of the problems is that Jimmy cant turn over Juan whom has disappeared, and with the money.

/// which has the FBI hunting for him. Plus the goons, his cheating wife. Junky daughter, missing kid over seas, home alone tranny.///

/// – how is he supposed to get out of this.

Arrested by the FBI

Beaten up by Goons.

Bikers looking for him, Weezzle now owes them a lot of money that he cant pay back. Jimmy’s daughter is forced to be a stripped at a dive club. While having sex with men to pay back the interest owed by Weezzle.

Evertime he gets a head his Wife manages to find him and telli the “bad guys where he is at”.

Thought break –


Being arrested by the FBI is the best outcome at the moment.

Oh shit, Juan is in league with Jimmys wife, Jimmy and Juan keep in contact via text, secure phone (not really, its a lie that Juan tells him, so he can track him.

Juan hated Jimmy at school because he had everything that Juan wanted, including his girlfriend.

Wife finds out and uses it to send the men looking for her high school sweetheart.

Hoping that they will kill him and she will get all of his money and then she and her two lover can escape to a country that dislikes America.

But Juan is using her as well. And Juan and Juliette (trainer) make a deal to escape with all the money and relocate to this island park dice as the two people that they are framing. Starting a new life’s free of incarceration.

The island that holds their future is called Hope. For the waters that serous day the island are as blue and sparkly and the Hope jewel itself.

Thought break – 


Juan and Barbera (wife) had a thing back in high school.

They slept around behind Jimmy’s back.

Outside Jimmy’s bedroom window a car in the back ground moves as to teenagers are having sex, but Jimmy dosent know that his nextdoor nighbor is screwing his girl.

[brain is tiered… lots of thinking]

Barbie used her beauty and sexuality to get what ever she wanted in high school.

Now that she is forty and melting; she needs this to re/establish her identity. Her sense of power. She is going to use these people till she gets what she deserves. What they all owe her, to pay for wasting her God given Potential to become ….


GF is awake and wants me to drive her to work, plus make her lunch. 


Open balcony door to let in fresh air.

Wondering what i am doing and if this story will ever even matter in the lang run…


Staring at the wall where i have posted another non-superhero Superhero Story. I keep hearing Everyone tells me that no one cal make a Superhero book sell. So why do i keep writing then. And that cant be true. Because Comics, Manga, Anime< and their Lite-Novels. I by them, they would not be in stores if others didn’t read them as well.


Back to James walking the street.

Sees Juan but dosent recognize him.

Finds himself jealous of the man’s wealth.

The man speak.

Sending James back in to being Jimmy.

That voice is…

“Juan is that you?

The tall, dark, and very handsome man speaks befor turning.

“And you would be?

Jimmy sees the look on Juan’s face as if her were nothing more then a bug that had already been smashed under foot.


Back hurts and the sun is up, but hiding behind the clouds.

Oh Wonderful Seattle weather.


I can smell my self, i know i should shower, but I’m not at a place where i can leave this yet.


Well this project went off the rails.

I blame the fact that i started to watch that old show called … shit, old lady with a hunch? No, Angila Landsberry…? Maybe, GF is staring at me like I’ve done something wrong… she has on her outside pants on… crap, she gotta go to work.

Ieeeeee, need to get dressed. Noooooooooooooooo, fuck it I’m going in my red polar bear pajamas bottoms and one of these discarded shirts off NoHer ground. 

I shall choose the one that dosent smell like i dead in it. Or the least dead, cause they all have a smell. I guess i shouldnt use them as hand towels, snot rags, nor wet wipes.

Oh, cay. Three minutes to make a lunch… oat meal with oat milk and raisins sound like a solid base. Pre-prepped salad we got from the store; extra Boiled eggs; Caprison drink, fruit punch or apple, not time to look (frozen) Seaweed snacks (stop, these are the ones sher dosent like.)

Murder she wrote …. ha universe. i win.

Winning is important to make the world turn for a writer.

So steal every once you can for the inevitable rainy day (yes its a poun because i live in Seattle.


Back in the Hot seat.


James meets Juan, the boy who bullied him in high school.


Practice #51520

Practice: Confession; Safety Deposit Box

No spellcheck or edits.

New suit… going to propose.

Needs to get something from this place he is rushing to in his expensive red car.

Tall, tattered black hair, shines like a glossy Ravens feathers.

Will walks in to a bank. 

He is escorted in to the back to where the safetyboxes.

The bank manager places his key in its slot names “staff”.

Will steps next to him and places his key in the “member” slot.

Manager says …

“One, two, three, and turn.”

They turn the keys at the same time. From behind a digital lock clicks. Setting free a box from the steel brushed wall. The box that pops free, is grabbed by the manager and set on the table in the middle of the room. 

“Let me know when you’re done.”

Its always seems to be in a different box, they must change them around for security reasons. He pulls out a second key to unlock the top of the reinforced steel box. The lid is thick and heavy, he has to forces it to slide back. Revealing a blackened leather cloth. Will lifts the mini chest size object and places it on the steel table. He uses both hands index and thumbs to unveil a plain looking chest. 

Will bleakly stares down at his inheritance. He wonders why it couldnt have been a Bugatti; instead of a Teakwood jewel box. Its creator stained it the color of Rosewood, which is way to feminate to have in his home, so keeping it here and its contents secure is the better option. 

Will flips the 14k latch to opens the lid. The top layer’s of compartments are empty. He removes it to a second layer which is also empty. The third layer and forth layer are combined in a secret compartment.

Will pushes on two wooden blocks to release the locking mechanism and slides the panel forward then pulls it up, pushes it back, then to the left. Till it titters at the edge. Will definitely thinks It strange how these two boxes have so much in common. Haven’t science progressed to the point to make these kinda things obsolete.

“Guess not.”

The inside of the jewelbox is a vibrant red silk linen that looks as if it was flowing like water. He’d never admit it to anyone but this cover catches his breath every time.

When his grandmother told him of his gift, he couldnt understand what she meant, now he wishes he had paid her words more attention.

Will moves the silk that flows like melted butter. To reveal a grey wrinkled Hand.

The fingernails were yellowed with brown spots.The cut at the wrist is jagged like it was sawed it off with a dull butter knife. Then some one had to have preserved it, because of the lack of blood; he guessed that it was wrinkled from dehydration, or some sort of embalmment. 

“Seriously, do you need to think of this nasty shit every time you come down here?”

“But there isn’t any blood. That means they…”

Will won’t say it, not that he would say it out loud; he might offend,

“ You Know Who.” 

His brain fight back the fear and says 

“She isn’t Voldemort.”

He here to do what he must, but he wonders how long it been in this box, he wasn’t the one who put it in there. 

“That is sick.”

Because the truth is; in actuality it was his mother who had placed the severed hand in here. A modified hand in the safety deposit box. So he could reap his inheritance.

Great grandmother is said to be weaRing a magical Ring. Mother told him it could only be removed from her hand and given to the girl he will Marry.

Will has rushed there every time he think he’s found the one.

Opening the jewel box and tugs. He has always failed to pull the Ring off.

He made himself a solid vow that if the Ring wouldn’t come off, well then, when he fails, He has to dump the girl and move on to the next one. Its a simple strategy.

Today is special because Will had met a girl at a house party just of campus. Sam was her name; she wasnt to smartest nor the prettiest, but she she went out of her way to make him laugh. This is something no girl had ever done before; they usually wait for him to entertain them, buy them things, fall head over heels to make their every dream come true while constantly kissing their ass’.

Today he’s sure he finds the one. The Ring, it has to come off this time.

He he tugs at it. But it doesn’t move. He picks up the leathery Hand and pulls harder.

“I know she is the one.”

The Ring dosent budge.

“Please, come on.”

For the hand of a frail old woman this Hand is quite defiant.

Will smashes it on the table in anger.

“Damn you blasted stupid piece of trash.”

The Ring glows, faintly. Will can feel the hands shape changing as it lessen in size.

The Ring comes off.

“Yes! Your mine. Finely, i can start my life. No more waiting.”

As Will places the Hand back into the Jewelry Box. The Hand crumbles to dust.

Will places the contents sloppily back into the safety box, he finds it difficult to get the container back into its slot, but keeps forcing it till he breaks a sweat. 

Joy emirates from Will as he rushes from the Cann‘s First National Bank. The Grey building mirrors the weather. It’s overcast and darkening with rain filled clouds. He feels the droplet tap his head. Then a down pore engulfs ever surface; will still smiles.

Till he remembers he left his keys inside the Bank. 


It fine ill just get a LYFT.

Pulling his phone out his pocket, the plane gold band drops to the ground; it starts rolling with the flow of water. 

Its headed towards a storm drain.

Will dives for the Ring.

His skinny finger catches it at the lip of the iron metal grate.

“Please, no!”

Carefully he maneuvers his body through the building water, till his other hand can grasp it more securely. Kneeling in the water Will picking up up the Ring and holds it close to his chest, like a newborn baby. 

His side aches, did he scape something. He looks down to she a stream of blood washing down the drain. 

“What the?”

This time the pain of what feels like a sledgehammer ignites his back.

Will tries to scream but a hand covers his mouth. He coughs blood from the knife puncturing his lung. The Hand forces the blood back down his throat, causing it to shoot out his nose. The knife is beeping moving around. The pain grows till Will is about to pass out, the knife is turned like a key, like a car his light go out.

When Will comes to. Sam is sitting at his side. Shes even holding her hand. There’s a look on her face and its not worry. 

“Maybe this is all too much for her, she’s probably freaking out.”

An overacted voice from the other side of the bed causing Will to turn his head. His eyes shut from the pain that’s shooting up his back to his neck, for a second he forgot he ha been stabbed. He scold himself.

“How does one forget that.”

“Oh dear god, your awake, thank the heavens.”

That voice it cant be… Will’s eyelids flick open to see a woman dressed in a black dress with matching lipstick. His mouth falls open. Will would have expected any one but her. With excitement will tries to sit up, but the pain shuts it down immediately.


Will thinks 

“How this is perfect.” 

Mother is here for when he purposes to Sam. He just needs the Ring and… In a panic Will such es his unexistant pocket. Will remembers the Ring.

“No, no, no.”

He stares at Mother. He knows she is going to be piss thats he lost the Ring, but he needs to tell her; Will stammers his words as he starts to tell Mother about the Ring; However she silences him with three fingers on her right hand. 

Mother shakes her head at Sam then uses her chin to point to the door. Sam stands up and lets go of Wills hand. Will instantly wants the connection back and reaches for Sams fingers; but she pulls her hand away. 

“Be a dear and watch the door.” Sam stops at the door, before she leaves. Sam confesses.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean…”

Mother make a scolding sound by clicking her teeteeth, the noise makes Sam hush. Sam places her hands in her pockets while the hospital room door shuts.

“Mother, she can stay, I’m going to marry her. She be family.”

“Oh dear…” she says it like the time his stuffed Penguin POKIE went missing.

Again Will starts to confessing about Grate Grandmothers Ring.

“It’s all okay, Sweetie.”

Mother shows him the Ring, them Will she the blood in her fingernails.

Will look at his mother and can see that she saw that he knows that it was her. 

Mother presses on the wound, while using her fingernail to scratch an X over his mouth. His lip seal together stopping any sound from coming out.

“Her magic was a waste on you. Do your mother a favor before you die? And tell me what the encantation is?, and don’t worry about lying to me, i hex you, so you will only be able to tell me the simple truth.”

Mother lets out a soft maniacal laugh in his ear. Will lungs force out air and his lips move. 


She looks at him in disbelief. Will catches the snarled and the stench from her mouth. Will chokes on the rotting vapors that spew from her pointy teeth. She snatches up a tuff of his hair and twists it.

Will’s face scrunches up in response, but the truth is that it only stings. Will gages it against the rest of his body. its nothing compare to the several stab wounds in his back. It may also be the fact that he has a Morphine Drip going.

“You stupid boy, the words that set the magic free.”

Mother moves her hand up his chest til it sits over his heart. A cold wells upend penetrates into his chest, it feels as if the fingers of Death itself were sweaRing their way in. Mother pulls up and down on Will’s chest like an accordion.

“Dont know.”

“You have to. She would have told you how to use it.”

“I really didn’t know what you’re talking about.”

Will can see the frantic look in his mothers eyes. It wasn’t like all the other times when he was growing up, when she had bothered to come to see him. Mother had always been kind to him in words and deeds. Will had stared into her eyes only once. Mother’s eyes reviled the truth. She absolutely Hated him. Will never look in to her eyes again. But he always wondered why she could hate her own blood.

The Ring is in his sight… Maybe this is it, is it this Ring. 

Then it must have been on the box. What was it?”

All this for a Ring, a stupid Ring? He wants to tell her that he would have given it to her if she had only asked, but all that comes out is.

“No clue.”

Will’s body is in a war with the cold of death and the warmth of the Morphine. cand feel cold creeping into his body, 

he know nearly nothing about this or any magic, his family tried to teach him, 

but he always that them ridiculous notions. 

It wasnt till Cousen willimina named after the same Greate GrandFather as he was did a spell; 

however she did set the horse stables on fire. 

All the bourse died. 

She cried for a month, 

till a woman came and took her memories of the day away. 

Will was forced to swear to keep it a secret. 

The fact that he was on his way to collage, 

Will has begone to study this magical stuff, but it’s like trying to learn a new language that has more squiggle lines then words in the entirerty of human’s egsistance.

Started by the first race, and every race has added there own adds. We are currently on humanities faith generation. Dose that make sense, maybe its like when you have never been exposed to the idea that any onther languages had ever existed. That makes less sense, i think.

Will has only started memorize the original three million “Marks” that he would need to know the basics.

but his death won’t be of natural causes; 

So Will dies in this hospital, 

not in the arms of the woman of his dreams, 

but the cold wet bloody ones of his mother.


Wake up you filthy pieces of trash, I’m not done with you.

The sound of a steam engine train fills his ears and he see a light off in the distance.


He realized hes dead, and he’s going to i heaven.

“Sorry for cursing.”

The white light gets brighter til it fills the entirety of his view.

The noise fads into the sound of little waves crashing on pebble.

Will tries to open his already opens eyes. 

The white light turns into a rising Sun.

“Boy didn’t any one ever tell you to not look into the sun?

“Yes ma’am.”

Will cant see where the voice is coming from.

“Who’s there?”

“You dont remember your Greate and powerfull Greate Grandmother?

“She past on before i was born”

Well I’m here now.

Are you here to escort my in to heaven?

Why would i do that?

Cause I’m dead.

Dont be ridiculous, your not dead, i needed to speak with you. 

But are you not dead?

What kind of sentence is that. Human schools are just the worsed.

I’m not dead, i live here in the after life… think of it as Florida for Witches.

Witches come from Satan, so how are you in Heaven?

Good lord, it everything you know based on some TV show or Movie. Witches come from Wicca which is also the name we use to describe our power.

We prey to the spirits of the gods to grant us control over the elements of the cosmos, or more common on Gia it is refers to as the Elements.

Lightning  and rolling thunder fill the sky and the disapated. 

We do this because the gods of old don’t come down to mess with you Mortals anymore… she winks at Will.

Your thinking about the next word before you finish this one , so th words are trying to conjugate.

Story engineering – Larry Brooks

Great stories don’t write themself.

How do we know: 

While its fun; your creating a product.

I want to be a better writer.


Can people guess how it would unfold.

Genre is in the original point of conception.


Feel the problem? Stop dulling 

They are important, 

If they fail it will harm us the reader.

We are the people.

I’m Back…

It been a while, i know. Coviddepression has been kicking my ass. I have been working on my writing ; however not to the Epic levels that I’m used to.

I’m going to put more effort into updating on a regular bases.

Practice 11920-1

“”- I am the Son of Suns -“”

Open/ext: windy day without a cloud in the sky.

A Teenage boy walks through knee high grass in a daze.

His sleeping gown is singed and covered in ashes. The amber-grass lick at the dried blood and burnt skin.

He looks up at the Pink Sun against the crystal blue sky.

He has a hard time remembering if it look that way when he and his family moved here. Tears spill onto his cheeks.

“They will pay.

He begins to imagine all the ways he can make them pay, but its cut short when he hear a whimper. He moves to the sound, and finds a native four legged beats covered in fur. It whimpers as if no one is there.

The sound disturbs his stomach, he is pushes the feelings away. Water wells up in the beast eyes and now He can see the fear and anguish in its eyes. 

He kneels down slowly reaching out, the beast’s gaze tracks his hands movements closely. Its fur is natted and roughto, he trys to smooth it down. The whimpering lessens, but it only shows how bad in shape it is. Its clear that its having trouble breathing.

As he stroking it’s bone white fur, his fingers three fingers and thumb find the hallow spaces between its ribs. 

The fact that he can feel its ribs, leaves him with a sickening feeling.

Without touching his own, he to is in a similar state.

They are starving, 

He looks around at the tree line as if expecting a plate of hot food to appear out of nowhere. He realizes that it doesn’t have the energy to move let alone hunt down any food. He raises to one knee ready to hunt down life giving sustenance.

The beast is quick to whimper. It knows that it is its time and craves an audience to its passing.

He can only sigh in understanding; He watches as It’s eyes glaze over; whimpering subsides into a shallow raspy breathing. He thinks to himself “It doesn’t have long now.”

It boney legs twitch as it passes from this world into the next.

He gently stroke the little beast. As he recalls his father’s words. He wonders if it will understand, he says them anyway.

“Calm yourself LITTLEONE. It is the way of things.”

Said to comfort himself as much as the Littleone.

The beasts eyelids shutter closed.

The boys heart is pounding in his chest. But his knees pick up vibrations of something.

“It must be big.”

He turns his head in its direction, but it moves out of its line of sight.

He turns his head in the other direction as his ears pick up the sounds of disturbed grass behind him. With his heart now keeping into his throat He turns his whole body to see a black furred beast sprinting at him.

His throat tightens.

Looking down as the LITTLEONE.

Does this one think he harmed it?  The Boy raises his hands in the air to show no harm has come from him to the LITTLEONE.

The black furred beasts K9s snap at the LITTLEONE, but its a bad grab and the little one is flung past the boy.

The boy is stunned by the display…

Its not right.

The bigthing growls at him as it slowly gets closer.

Practice 50519 / part one

Trying something new. This is part one of a short story.

This is only the stories lattice. Not a full version. Sorry.


Erin’s favorite person in the world has died.

Erin: Na-Nah.

Now she was there with her most hated enemy, She was there with Mom. The word leaves a sourness in her.

Erin is being to use up her weekend to watched her Mom piled up the essence of Na-Noah’s life. Erin is sickened to see her Mom smiles when she finds a small metal statue, Erin knows that her mother is only thinking of its worth in a monetary value.

Erin knows that Mom will sell off Na-Nah’s entire life. Even the house itself.

Mom will say its because they need the money, and they did.

Erin’s willingness to admit it to herself, increases the sickness within herself.

Mom: for fuck sake, Go upstairs. Be fucking use-full.


Mom was cleaning up bownstairs, while barking up orders.

Mom: Erin, hurry it up already.

Erin: slave driver.

Barkin at her to hurry up in the attic,

Readying for the open house tomorrow afternoon.

Pulling on the cord that has been repeated cord.

Dust pours brown in her face.

Erin coughs.

Then the trap door drops open,

The sliding ladder smack her in the head.

Erin: Fricking ouch! Stupid thing.

Mom: stop messing around up there. Do i need to come up there.

The idea of mom coming up there and bossing around, causes her to yelp out.

Erin: Nope.

Mom: What.

Erin: NO!

Mom: dont you yell at me.

Erin: Sorry.

Wiping the dust of her shoulders.

Erin climbs up and into the musky dark attic space.

Her first thought is it is much larger then it looks from the outside.

Even with the light coming in through the hatch opening.

She cant help but to think.

Erin: Why is it pitch black.

She had seen a scary move where they pulled a cord to turn a light on.

She saints into the nothing,

She swings her arm around as if she was playing at being blind.

Sorely saying.

Erin: Nothing.

Maybe she should climb down and find a flashlight.

Then her mom’s scrunch up face and her gaze of insinuating laziness.

She takes smalls steps forwards, while her arms flail in search of anything.

Her fingers clip something feeling sharp.

Erin uses her fingers as if she knew how to read braille,

She tries to see through the feel out the cold construct.

Erin: Its a corner.

But her fingers tell her that there is a texture on top of frigid metal.

The texture moved under finder pressure.

The image of a sheet pops into her mind

Erin: Its a cover

She grabs a handful, and pulls.

There is a sound of friction.

The sheet piles on to the floor through ink dust up into the air.

She coughs on it.

Erin: God, that is so gross.

Erin tastes something ofle, she tries to spit it out.

She spits on the mirror

She wipes it off.

Her hand becomes stock

Waves unilaterally from the edges of the mirror splashing up on to her hand slowly pulling her in.

She tries to yank her way out.

The force is redirected and instead of pulls, she falls forward.

Without any resistance she falls further in.

She gains here footing and stop right before her face enters.

With a dry throat

Erin: oh crap.

Her body’s weight is to far forward, she was doing everything no to fall any further in.

Erin: MOM!

As she weighted, her hands warmed on the other side of the mirror

Erin: MOM!

She strained her ears in hope on hearing mom.

Her heart beating is so loud.

Her finger tingling like there was something

Erin: MOM, there’s something in here.

Finley she hears her mother’s voice.

Mom: What, what do you mean?

Before Erin can yell back.

Someone grabs her hands, and pulls.

Erin’s mother head pops up into the empty room, except for a mirror.


SCARLET: named so because she was born with long blood red hair, unlike most babies whom would fall out to regrow. Scarlet’s more then endured, it flourished.

In TOSS her village, she like other girls went unnamed till their right as a woman were bestowed by the goddess EESA.

She was supposed to receive her name on her Naming day.

But men from and larger village come over to barter for wives.

Not yet a woman, she she would fetch a high price.

Her father declined to she was a woman. In truth he had no intent of selling her off to men who would only think of her as a passion or possession.

Scarlet’s mother and father decided to leave the night after the men had returned to their own Village.


On the road out of town the men were waiting in the night.

Red hair was a trait of the Gods, making her powerful, and the man who would own her even more so. Like cowards the men shot down her parent with arrows.

Scarlet had to watch as arrows plunged into her mother stomach, mother spun around and was hit in her back. Mother reach for father who has cowering behind a lump of wood used as a seat moments before.

Scarlet could hear the men moving around, she knew this would be over soon.

Her mother screamed for help. Scarlet ran to her and tried to shield her. Her mother pushed her away. As an arrow pierced her mother’s face.

Scarlet watch as the life left her mothers eyes, her sense collapsed leaving her unresponsive.


The men tried to get her to eat, but she had no appetite.

It was an old woman of their village that spoke to her.

“If you eat i will teach you, you will honor your parents and have your revenge”.

Under the old woman’s care scarlet grew in every way.

Scarlet like her hair blossomed into a spectacle. She was stronger and faster than all the men in her captive village. She had been sold to the Chief’s Son, and she would be given to him on his naming day, even tho she has much older.

The men said she was his first, and as so his passion, when he sought a second wife he would demote her to second wife and be left as a reminded to others of the chief’s greatness.

The way they spoke of her made her physically sick.

One day an unknown boy grabbed her swollen breast, her anger came forth and she slapped him to the ground. The sickness disappeared.

The men of the village tried to reprimand her but she chose to no longer see them.

She was dragged to the center of town and placed her in irons, she did not ask to be free nor food nor water. The chief decided he needed to break her before his son’s naming day, so he had her whipped, but She did not scream. She sat quietly as already in the spirit world

[only gods go to heaven – humans go to the spirit world]

Those of her peers were always jealous of the attention she got.

But not her, she disliked it.

It meant that the old would pick on her, forcing her to do more work then the others.

Others got praise for simple being, but her, if she didn’t move haven and earth she was a disappointment, and people would think less of her.

She did her best to never fail at anything.


Nana sent in one its new holy men and he took a dislike to her immediately.

The attention the village paid to her should have gone to the New God Neffet.

As hard as he tried the villages would come to her for every little thing.




Orana Orange’s thoughts about Hector.

As teens go… HECTOR was well…  

Hector was tall and well built for his age.

I always imagined his as being older then he was.

JESSA the Town’s Marm would say over Tea; “That Hector, well he’s not particularly good with his lessons, but hes going to be a blacksmith”. JESSA was always trying to say nice thing about him. But it bothered me that they all had planned out his whole life.

His father PUDEN, or as I’m forced to call that Slobbin man, Mr Flecken.

“I didn’t want that woman, filling his small head with those thoughts, they ain’t right, they’re  not of his own. He’s got no room in there”. Now that I think of it, i can’t recall a moment were he wasn’t insulting Hector. “He’s going be a Blacksmith like his father, and his father’s father”.

So i guess school was an elective for him.

Not like me, my mother insisted that i go. She is the Mother of nurses for our town’s Doctor Mr BERK.  At Tea-time banter, Mother is quick to scoff when his name comes up, that is the most she dare to indicate her distain for him. Because no woman would ever openly speak ill of a Man, and as Mother of Nerses could be taken away if another woman were to sugjest that she were to be doing so, but at home she’d drink a concoction that would loosen her tongue that would dis may father; She didn’t think much of his skills. Doctor was a home grown son of a Doctor Doctor, not like the ones of those that went to NARA our Capital for formalized training. She and the other nurses had to constructed a system for working around him. As long as he got the credit for healing them and it looked like he was in charge he let them do almost anything they wanted.  

[The town Marm is responsible to educate children in reading, writing, and counting. This was against the policies of the Capital, so it was done in the home under parental supervision.]

O… I’m supposed to be talking about Hector, right. Well he was a strange kid, No that’s not the right word. He never had the disposition of a kid, not that i can remember. I mean he is older then me and his mother was gone before my Blessing Day. I think the term Young adult would be a better. I don’t think it’s Hector’s fault, not at all. It’s his father who’s a really foul, a pig who seeks the companionship of girls not yet woman, i am not suppose to say this but i hear is cures his manhood is to little for a grown woman, or so SEN a nurse told my mother when she had a Fever-drink.

Hector kept to himself, I tried my best to get close, but he wouldn’t engage.

I could see he wanted to,

Then he would disconnect, he’d look to his house. I dare not call that lean-to a home, it’s like a broken shack. Well anyway…

I could see his sweet and kind soul disappear as his eyes glazed over. Hector’s sweetness was replaced by something else. When he’d look back, his eyes has something else inside him.

I swere it was like that golem from a traveling circus that came throw at the end of the last season harvest. It was like a real coldness. But then it would fade when he realized it was me. There was always a look of gilt for he was aware he did this thing … he really was different, you know.

I hated the day that blood red haired Woman came to town; her and her stupid men’s clothes, and She wore a men’s War-Armour, what woman would do such a thing, its disgraceful.

She came at the worst time for Hector. He wasnt thinking straight, shemust have done something to his brain. He is really kind, i know cause he did laugh and he protected little animals, he was so genial with, even those gross spineless worm thing.

You know who you should be going after is that braggart. Personally he’s a fat, slobbin, pig of a man who stole the joy out of any moment he was apart of. Not that anyone ever would have invited him to do so.

Our town rules required me to so him kindness and refer to him as Mr. Flecken.

It was the name of our founder. I wonder if he had known that this would be the result of him blessing a bearer with his seed.

Why would PINA the Goddess of fertilityallow Mr Flecken spirits to travel into a Bearer.i swear when i am a bearer, he better never sets foot apon my steps, i will happily refuse him, and be glad the shame it will bring him.

I don’t feel so good, may i go home now?

Father wont like it that I’m out so late, not till…

Testimony concluded:




The cool evening breeze lets me know that I had been sitting in the sand along this stream scooping up sand and pressing it to my face.

for most of the day.I was nursing the bloody lip my dad gave me when dinner wasnt done by the time he came back home, I’m glad mom isn’t here to see What he has become.

Hec notices some bushes tussle down stream.

He can hear the faint sounds of wimpering.

Hec is sure its a woman.

He’s up and moving before the thoughts of what he is going to do with her.

The bushes still as he moves closer.

That means she afraid, and prolly willing to do something stupid to protect herself.

Hec : do you speak my language.

Red : Water.

Hec feels around for a water bag he knows he did not bring.

Hec : sorry, i did not bring one. If i would have known i would have…

Hec is cut off by a small armored hand, its holding a cord of leather.

Her fingers unferalded to give him an open handed invitation.

It take hec a second to realize he’s supposed to take it.

He uses two fingers to pluck the cord from her hand.

The cord is for more sturdy then its weak looking stature.

Hec pulls on it with more effort the he had to imagine he would.

Her arm is caught up in the cord and he has to move it.

She doesn’t resist him.

Hec takes the bag to the stream. As he lowers the bag he feels the sticky texture of black goop.

As it touches water it turns crimson and hec understands it blood.

He wonders how bad she is hurt, a woman bleeding in the bushes would scare the whole town. They would probably bary her in an unmarked grave and called her a curse.

Like the time his father broke his leg. They had no access to a doctor, no one wanted to go to the next village to get one, it was deemed to dangerous to travel that far.

After hec fever broke, he realized that his life meant nothing to these people.

He shouldn’t expect and kind of help from them, he was going to have to bare his father’s cruel appetites.

He opens the water bags top and there is a scroll hidden within it,

Hec cant help but to guess it’s a secret of her

Hec : No doubt.

He pockets it as he submerges the water bag.

Hec returns with a full water bag, she is entangled in this bush, and decides that she wont be able to drink with her helmet on.

He sets the bag down and she growns.

Hec : i need you to let me help you out of that bush. Or did you plan on making it your new home.

She grunts at him.

He walks around the bush trying to figure out the best way to free her.

It looks like she impaled herself on the bush of willow bark.

Hec : its Willow Bark, it’s use by our medicine man to help heal.

Hec reaches in and finds her heavy and the armour is slippery.

The small branches scratch open wounds in his hands.

He gets a hold of her chest plate and leverages her back.

She bellows out in agony.

Hec knows that if he stops that her pain would be for nothing.

Branches tare at him as he removes it cappeder.

Once up his grip is failing and he lays he on her back. Then he realized that her had a hold of her “chest plate”. He feel imbarrist not to have noticed the area that women dont like being touched.

Hec get the water bag and trys to o[pen her proactive face guard, but it wont come off.

She utters a word, or he thinks its a word but in a language he doesn’t know.

Her helm and face plate crack apart.

Hec moves it to see her face, his stomach lurches into his throat.

The woman so scared that its sickening.

Red : Come on i dont look that bad.

Hec can see the pain in her eyes as they water…

The tears remind him of the water bag.

Hec pours it slowly in to her mouth till she makes a chocking sound.

She gives him a nod.

Hec : You want more?

She nods again.

He pours more, this time trying to antisapating the amount she can consume.

Her glossy eyes wiggles like a new born baby.

It feels good to see her respond,

She starts to cough up blood, it sounds like she drowning on it.

He rolls her over o her side, he hope it will drain it’s self out.

She continues to sputter, till she finds her breath again.

He lets out a sigh he did not know he was holding in.

He now looks at her armour, its a silver with what look like strands of her hair imbedded into the metal, and gold flacks through out. It gives it a look of seeing gold under stagnet water. He touches it as to confirm it real.

Sounds of people shouting.

Red : i am Scarlet… what’s you name?

Hec : I’m called Hector.

Red : you should go, they are here for me.

Hec thinks about leaving his hart falls into his stomach

Hec : maybe they wont find you.

Red : not likely.

He cant explain it but his body is telling him not to let her go through this alone.

Hec : no.

Before she can tell him to go again hes got her up on his shoulder and moving up the middle of the stream. He is sure shed tell him to leave her but she holding in her screams as best as she can.

If she dies it wont be by the hands of her enemies.

  • – – – – – – – – //// scene:

Hec was considering putting her in his barn but his father would find her, and that would be bad. There is a mountain lions cave not to far from the barn.

Hec had to kill it last winter as it was killing their chickens.

He had to hunt it into its cave with a sharpened stick he used as a spear.

To only find out it wash a her and she was feeding her babies.

It was real sad. But the flickering memories of his fathers anger would cut the strings of simpothy.

He reaches the caves opening and he waits to if anything is stirring with in. Walking in on a beast would not be good.

But he cant keep standing out here waiting to be found.

He’ll have to chance it. The space is bigger then he remembered.

He puts her down on her side with her letting out a massive grown.

It probably haven’t a smart to move her, but they would have found her, and he knows it.

She trembling, he wonders if she s cold. But Hec cant start a fire it would lead them right to her.

Lead them away, yeah.

Red tries to cough out something, but Hec is to deep in thought to hear her.

The old pass through the back of the mountains, it turns into a labyrinth at the base. if he can lead them there, he is sure they’d be lost for weeks.

But how to make them beleave he is she.

Her boot, he looks at them,

Hec : They look small. Maybe bread crumbs?

Like the stories in fables, its a laughable idea and he knows it not likely to work.

Hec : Blood.

He dont think she has any to spare.

Hec : what about an animals blood.

Red : No, they’d know, they’re pros.

She hacks up more blood.

Hec : Maybe i tell i saw you..

Red : No they would kill you on the spot.

Each breath seems as it drags her a little closer to death.

Hec grabs and yanks off her boots and thinks “they will have to do.”

She yells at his, but he is no longer paying attention, he know what he has to do.

=-=-=-=—==-=—=-=-=///// scene:

Back down the stream he hinds himself only half way back to the spot here he found her and men are surching the bushes.

He now knows they would have found her.

The tail to the pass is some distance up stream.

He rushes back up stream, when he gets close he goes to the deepest water and tries to slips his feet into her boots. The metal was un yelding.

Her boots had platform and heels built in. Woman in his town wouldn’t have worn such things… but she isnt from here, he corrects himself.

There was pain from the pressure. He imagines it helping him sell that she is injured.

Head heads in the direction of the trail and boots leave traces that a blind man could follow.  And it was only getting harder to walk the longer he wore them.

Would the notice if he took them off?

Hec : you only have a little further to go…

Hec barbs a stick to help with his swelling ankles.

By the time he makes it to the mountain pass. The shoes have made it almost I’m pausable for him to walk.

He just has to get to the bottom.

Hec : come on, you need to do this. Its all down hill from here.

His shoulder aches for the extra pressure of his legs buckling.

He reached the bottom, “now what?”

The had pact dirt didn’t leave a trail any further.

There was a rock he had hid from when his Dad came looking for him.

It hard to spot when you on foot.

He climbs up one rock and takes his boot off.

The release of the pressure brings him near to passing out.

Only the sharp stinging pain time to his beating hart kept him lucid.

He just needs to jump a few stone over. Hec rolls on to his side and freezes as he hears an sound. Its not a sound made out here, he sure of it, but what if he is wrong and they find him, that sound means someone is down there.

Hec hears some one sniffing the air. Noe Hec can smell his feet that were trapped in the boots.

He wants to smack his head against the rock but it might make to much noise.

Hec can hear the patter of slippers. He trys to remember is they wore such things.

He didn’t really look at their feet. But they didn’t look like the type to ware slippers, they had on that Nana’s soldiers gear. They must of had boots of leather and bone.

Male 1: hey you there.

Had they found him?

Hec hears the slippers moving away from the voice. The the sounds of armoured men rushing by.

Hec strained his ears till they hurt to hear any sign that they were headed back his way. The sunlight is dimming before he stirs. They have to be long gone, he hadnet prepared diner and dad was not going to be happy about that.

Maybe if i tell him that i was tracking a kill he let me slide…

The hell he will, god your stupid to think such a thing would even work.

Claiming down off the rock his feet are screaming at him “you cant walk on us”.

Everything from his hips down shake with exhaustion.

He cant use the stick because it could lead them back to his home.

Red … she will have to survivce the night on her own.  It cant be helpful to add more tracks that lead back to her. .

=-=-=-=-===-=///// scene:

Back at home, all the lamps are out.

“Dad should be storming around with a gut full of ale.”

How late is it.

He looks up at the stars and can tell that it not to passed after supertime.

Well this might be a blessing.

He heads in to start grilling meal, its the easiest way to prepare it. There’s one rabbit from yesterday, not much but if he grill the meat, wait he could stuff the rabbits meat with greens and , and. That will have to do. Anything else wouldn’t be ready if he was having a late day.

There wont be enough for three… he knows he is going to have to give up his meal to feed her. The idea that he is going to have to go with out, make him think about forgetting that she is out there and never going back.

He feels sickened by his willingness to leave that woman to the mercy of the capital man.

But you dont even know her,

So what.

She in big trouble for you.

I dont care.

When he finds out, and he will find out, he will hurt you. Do you remember the last time your disobeyed him, it’ll be worse than that.

Hec starts to shake, his arms reach around and to hug his ribs, he lungs fill with resistance like theyre full of jagged rock. He strains to control his breathing. Memories of past pains flood in to him. Hec begins to pace back and forth.

Then an image of Mom comes to him, like the heavens have an answer.

Hec : It’s not her fault. I won’t leave her to her enemies ill will, nor will leave her to die out there alone. I don’t care if he kills me.

=-=-=-/// scene:

Hec is in bed when dads gets home. He can hear him tossing things around.

He rushes out of bed to uncover  the food on top of the warming plate.

Hec is apprehensive to approach the reason his his late return. This would offer dad a recourse of insults that would work them in to a beating.

Ton : where were you?

Hec: out hunting?

Ton : where is the kill?

Hec : it got away.

Ton : I’ve never know you to miss before.

Hec : I’m sorry, a stag had gotten lost, it was hard to track, by the time i caught up to it i was out of breath. The shot went sideways.

Ton : is that so… i hope you lie to them then you are to me, get out of my sight.

With a quickness Hec is out of the room and upstairs. His hart is pumping.

He has never seen his father like this before.

Ton show up at the door untucking his shirt.

Ton : A woman was spotted running through our woods, have you seen her?  It doesn’t matter now, cause this all makes sense now. The Capital would have to send out their Goons. They wanted to speak to us, but you were nowhere to be found.

They wanted a word.

Dad gives him a shitty grin.

Ton : Don’t worries i told them your were simple in the head, and of no real use, well almost no use.

-=-=-=-=-=-==-=/// scene:

The next day Hec is up early and almost to the cave when he sees soldiers in a sidelong glance. He quickly drops to the ground. He waits to hear if they come closer.

There is no reaction by the heavily armoured men.

Crouching from bush to bush Hec makes it to the cave.

He blurts out,

Hec : there coming!

Red : they have already been here>

She points to a body slumped on the rocky grey floor.

Hec looks closer and see the man’s face is shriveled up like and old man.

Red : Don’t look to close, it will give you nightmares.

Hec : I’ve seen worse.

Hec looks at her and there is a confused look on her face.

He wonders if he was referring to her.

Fear of her not liking him mad him think up a visual to compare.

Hec : two years ago the Hoard attracted a village to the south. Some of the remnants wondered in our direction, we lost some of the village, but we were able to distroy them. The undead flesh was, some-thing else, i still … the putrid odor of them.

Hec face twists as if hed had eaten a lemon.

Red : there are plenty worse thins out there then the Hoard, altho they are a nussence.

Hec : you must be powerful to say that.

Red stands to Hec amazment.

Red : I can’t walk yet.

There’s a silence as Hec realizes that he is going to have to Cary her again.

He walks forward with his arms open, like he is about to scoop her up.

Red : No, turn around, ill climb on you back.

Hec just looks at her.

Red : like a piggy-back.

A glazed look comes over his eyes. But he kneels before her and alows her to climb on.

Red : here to now?

Hec : you’ll need to be closer to the house for me to take care of you. Your going to have to hide in the barn.  

-=-=-==–/// scene: POV: scarlet

Red can hear Ton yelling at Hec from the barn. She looks around to see if anyone is around. Ton’s voice is getting loader,

Red :  That doesn’t sound good.

Red moves to the backporch tying to not make any sounds. She can hear Ton’s ranting on about how worthless Hec is. Apparently Hec skipped going to work to grab her and move her to safety. Well she has to admit it wasn’t the smartest thing.  

But she would have been caught by now if he had not helped, then this all would have been for nothing.

She checks the amulet and it lacks any luster. She grapes on it, shes hoping there is enough magical energy left to create some sort of distraction.

She hears a body smash in to the wall. Then in to the table of dishes.

Red is taken aback by the brutality of it.

Ton : how dare you define me, i am the man of this house, how many time must you learn that this is my castle, my word here is law.

Hec speaks but its in a soft tone. More things get Broken.

She can hear Tons fistshitting Hec. She stands to look through and make some sort of…  Ton is laying over him, still beating Hec.

Hec seems unconscious, or playing so, but it’s weird way to beat on some one that way. Ton must be drunk… It takes her eyes a second.

It catches in her throat.


She covers her mouth as she stumble away.

Ton : how’s out there?

She runs back in to the barn. She crawls in to the corner that Hec had set up for her, before her senses come back to her.

Red : What have i done. This was not in my dream.

=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=- scene:  

The next day Hedc show up with a swollen face and two black eyes.

Red : i am so sorry.

Hec : for what? Your not the one who did it.

Red : i didn’t know?

Hec : know what?

Red : that he…

She cant bring herself to say it out loud.

You saw.

I didn’t mean to, i was going to use magic.

You saw.

I would never have…

Her words fail

You saw.

Hec walks out and red lets him.

It stated a few years a go when the circus came to town and my father run into their fortuneteller

He was so angry after that. He’d beat me every time he save me.

He call my mother worrable names.

But when did it start.

I missed my mom and was going through her things. I found her dalry chest.

She had necklaces and random things of no real value, but i remembered some of them, her scent was all over everything, he caught me with he things and it made me cower.

He said i need to earn my way till i left. He crept telling me to get out, but i had nowhere to go. I wasnt able to take care of my self.

So i became what i am. I do what I’m told. The beating stopped hurting years ago. Except like the ones last night. He wont even let me go to town cause he hates it when other men comment on me. Not that they would ever have interfeard.

Red : Did you tell them.

Hec : I told the elder and he told me never to talk about it again.

A mans house is a mans house, no other man may interfear.

Red : thats not right.

Hec : its the way that it is, right or wrong. No one will change it, they enjoy the power it gives them over others.

Red : but your a boy.

Hec : he had me declared a … Jager.

Red : His own … bound in color, What an ass. That’s no man, he’s a demon. If only your mother was still alive.

Hec : but she is, he sent her away when she could bare him any children.

He tells people she is dead. The town folk say he was trying for a new mate, but no one wanted him.

Red : Can’t imagine why that would be.”

Red : How would you like to come with me.

Hec : Where would we go?

Red : We could look for your mother, if you like?

Hec : I can’t leave him, he really cant take care of himself.

Red : Then let him die.

Hec : No, his my dad.

Red : He’s a piece of filth, that doesn’t deserve you love.

Hec : But he’s all i have.

Red : No he is not. Look i can’t let you stay her with him. It’s not ok. You have to come with me.

Hec : So instead of obeying him ill have to obey you?

Red : No, you not obeying me, your making a choose to leave with me.

Hec : But i just told you, i don’t want to do that.

Red : your right, I’m sorry.

Hec sits against a beam and stairs at her.

Hec : How did you heal from those wounds?

Red : They seemed worse then they were.

Hec : No, I’ve wounded things before, your blood was black, and i tore open you wound when i was moving you. You shouldn’t be live.

Read : i have magic.

She throws up her hands like its an answer to every thing.

Hec : can i learn …  magic?

The word was not use in town, it was considered a lazy mans skill.

Red : Well of corse you can, i bet you’d be pretty good at it.

Hec : how do you know that?

Red : its a hunch.

She smiles widely,

Red : Here is a test.

She digs into a hold of her dress and pulls out a necklace. Dangling from a chain as thin as a human hair, is a golden crescent moon holding Opal like gem.

Red : This is a collector of sorts. As you wear it it will draw magical energies from you. If in a few days this is enough of a charge to create an effect, then you have the ability the exzood your magic in to the outside.

Hec : The outside?

Red : Yes, all of us have magic with in. Its what keeps us alive.

A few of us have the ability to bring it out in to the outside world.

Hec : Why only a few?

Red : No one really knows, its ont of the founding mysteries?

Hec : Founding mysteries?

Red : Ah, questions that we cant answer about how things work, question that have been around before written word.

Hec : Like what?

Red : Ah, why are we here, what is the meaning of life, why are we different then all the other races, why are there so many races. It goes on and on.

Hec : But everybody knows that the gods created us.

Red : Everybody, ha … Then who created the gods?

The question was unthinkable, his brain hurt as it tried to grasp that there was something beyond the gods.

Hec : Who made the gods then?

Red : Maybe the gods where made by their own gods.

Hec’s brain hurt a lot more now.

Hec : So the god’s god’s made them, but who made them.

Red : Yes, you get it…

Hec : I got nothing.

Red : Thats Its own point. Non of us has any answers.

Hec : Then why ask the question?

Red : Why not, is you life better not knowing?  

Hec looks down at the necklace and than back up to her face.

Red flicks her wrist and the lecklace’s chain reaches up and locks it around his neck.

I cant wear this.

Yes you can. You live in a place that is stuck in a different time. Non Jager’s weAr adornments, and even dresses, you dont have to accept these peoples views if you dont want to… you dont even have to be a Jager if you dont want to.

But there wrote it in the perminate book.

If your not here then who will know what is in that book? I know Its a scary concept, accepting yourself, by your own terms.

Hec : but my manhood, its gone, i cant get it back. Can i?

Red : Do you want it back? Do you need it back? Will you cease to be with out it? You now have experienced some thing others have not. Let it be that, an experience. More forward and concentrate on new ones.

Hec : my dad wont be letting me go anywhere. I’m his proxy.

Red : Why not, wait what does that even mean?

Hec : it means i will take over the blacksmith shop when dad passes it over to me.

Red : are you sure he’d planned to pass it to you?

Hec ; yes I’m his apprentice.

Red : no, your a Jager, you can’t own a shop, or be a master of a craft, you can’t own anything. Thats what a Jager means. You’ll be dependent upon an man to take care of you, and you’ll repay him with entertainment services.

Hec : i know hes not always nice but my dad wouldn’t do that, he , he…

Hec : he bracing on a new apprentice, shortly after he sent Mom away. He said it was so i could do more of the home chores. He said their wasnt enough work to go around. I was peeping horse shoes blanks all day. It wasn’t interesting, nor complicated.

Red : so he replaced you?

Hec : No he wouldn’t.

Red : but you just said he did.

Hec has ne further word as his face flushes burgundy. He stomps out of the barn.

Red hates herself for pushing the boy so far, but she will get him away from the thing who calls himself a man.

=-=-=-=—=-=-=—==-=—=-=-=-=-=-/// scene:

There are shouts from outside.

Hec is washing dishes for the nights late super meal,

Hec is elbow deep in a dirty water bucked.

He tries to clear his thought from the conversation he had with Red.

The quiet makes him thinks he might have imagined that he hear it.

The second bark of a man’s voice is unexpected and startles him.

Hec grabs the dish drying towel.

Hec comes to the front porch drying his hands with a dish towel.

Five men stand about twenty five feet from him.

They’re all dresses in brown cloaks and three of them are barring torches.

Altho Its a little odd cause its not night time yet.

The lead man opens his cloak and reveals a darker then sky blue uniform.

Hec alums these are the Men from the Capital.

Man : Where is the lady of the house?

Hec : she been gone a long time.

Man : then who runs the affairs of your house?

Hec : i do.

The man seems surprised by his omitting such a thing.

Hec : why have men of the Capitols come to the house.

Man : i am the one asking questions?

The lead man steps aside to she a body hanging between the two rear Men.

The man limply hand bloodied by the men splattered with his blood.

It takes a second look to see they have Ton with them.

Ton is as tough as they come. Its no small feat that they managed to subdue him.

Man : who is this man to you?

The two men behind what seems to be their leader haul Ton up on to his feet.

Hec : He looks like my dad? Altho it looks like he has been beaten pretty badly.

The expressions on the men’s faces say they are in a mood to not be messed with.

Man : Boy, Where have you been.

Hec : why?

Man : Do not speak to me like that, I am your Elder

Hec : i have been doing my chores.

Man : Gods have mercy on these backwater slobs. This man started a fight, injuring many of my men.

The man waits for an acknowledgement that never comes.

Man : during our duties, he may have said some things that bring to light.

Hec : like what?

Man : I’m getting to that part.

Hec : okay.

Man : Your father thinks that you might be hiding something,

Before Hec can respond. The leader is in a hurry.

Man : well are you?

Hec : Like as in what?

Man : don’t play dumb with me.

Hec : What would i have to hide,

Man : like for instance what have you been doing all day?

Hec : i don’t understand. I’m a Jager.

Man : your a what?

Man 2: A ladyboy Sir.

Hec : Did my father not tell you that he had me cursed, as a Jager?

Man 2: He can only serve as a woman?

The front man back up as if his status as a men where in peril, he looks at Hec as if he were contagious. The Man stutters

Man : that is not the point boy.

Hec can hear him trying to retrace the word Boy.

The man clears his throat, and bellows out.

Man : Have you see the criminal lurking in the woods or not?

Hec : Criminal? What criminal?

Man : are you in jest?

Hec : i dont know what that means,

Man : We have been in your town for the better part of a fortnite.

Hec : A Fort-what?

The Man simply stairs at him.

Man : i think your lying to me, no one is this oblivious.

Hec : He doesn’t allow me in to town. I’m restricted to the house and work shop, well recently I haven’t done that much as of late either.

Man : He’s had to have mentioned us.

Hec : look at the state he is in, this is him more or less sober. He comes home chokes on some food and passes out. I work the farm and feed the small animals. Acationaly i will go out hunting, cause he is incapable of doing so, i mean he is the only blacksmith for hundreds of miles, the order for horse shoes never stop coming in. I’m sure you big city folk got some sort of magical horse shoe, thank the gods, cause hes the only one who is capable of…

Man : ok, ok.

The Man swings his arm down and the two men in the back throw Ton to the ground.

The men mutter to them selfs as her head back to their horses, each one check their horses houses before saddling up and taking off.

Hec waits till they have left be fore moving to his dad.

Ton : leave me hear, your a traitor.

Hec : that coming from you, who lead them to our door step. Stop trying to hide who you really are.

Hec could hear the exacerbation in his own voice.


When Ton hadn’t mover by the Moon’s full rising, Hec went out and picked him up.

Ton had nothing to say, but Hec could feel the heat from his hatred.

Hec had to turn side ways through the door. Gently putting him down.

Ton sucked in air but struggled to hold it in.

Hec had is ribs broken before, he could feel Ton’s strain to breath.

After morning chores Hec, snuck in to the barn.

Red had a smile on her face, that said good for him. Or maybe it was he deserved it. Or maybe she was showing her disappointments in him.

Hec : are you going to make me ask?

Red shuck her head back and forth, then laid back down. Making sure Hec could see she was going back to sleep. He could only think “how cute” as she did it with the graceless two year old.

Hec stomps out in a huff, as the col air hit his face.

Hec : Why won’t people get along. Is that what this world is come to? A People eat people world. I do not want to be like these people. And They cant make me.

A Water drips from his right eye, he swats at it like it was a bug. and it feels as if he was struck by a stray rain drop. The weighted water strikes his once white shirt now it houses ash and coal dust, turning it somewhat more of a calidiscop of grey.

The shirt had been his dad’s but as he grew up and his father grew out. It became a hand me down. It long sleeves were fraied and singed. Hec tried to tuck in the torn parts so people could not see the brown sweatmarked cuffs that were now perminate stains. Hec tucks therm under in in to the forearms.

He needs a distraction…

Hec is headed to town, but He can’t help but to wonder where hewill need to go. He is going to get medical supplies.

Hec is young and healed quickly. So he never had a needed to have a Doctor to come see him; Not that any one of them would have seen him.

More important is what was he going to pay them with …  horse shoes?

Hec : Well that is not a bad idea. Promised work.

But the Capital placed a band on bartering.

They had gone to great leanghts to force their cerency in to action.

The smaller towns and villages, still resist when they’re not infested with agents from the the conformist capital.

Hec : lets see, the town hasn’t had a doctor since the Hoard Raids 10 years ago.

His home town is to far away from the Capital to waste any of its Hororesd Doctors.  Plus we could keep protected or to make them feel safe all the way out here in the Boarderland. Or at least that is what he guest.

Hec : How about the General store … well they do have a few things.

But ill need to stich him up in places or the green will set in then…

Hec wont allow himself to imagine them consequences if he fails.

Hec : i can’t beleave Red wouldn’t help me with her magic. Ill need to learn to do it on my own, but what if she strait refuses?   

Something else he doesn’t want to think about.

Hec reaches town, the streets are empty.

Hec : Why is no one is moving around.

He passes by a shop for boots. The owner sits there hands in lap, his face has been bruised. It dawns on Hec that the towns people have been dealing with these Capital guy for some time.

Hec : why are they treating them like animals… animals.

Hec knows where to go for medical supplies, and it seems appropriate.

Hec still keeps close to the shops fronts, every person he sees is bruised or beaten. This is making him even more nervous.

He hadn’t seen the towns poeople in a long time. But he would not have wished this fate on anyone. Even tho they let his dad do this to him. Not since he dad had declared unfit to be a man.

That took the sting out of their situation.

Jessa : pisst,

Hec slows and looks up to see a girl from when he went to school.

Hec : hello?

Jessa: do not tell me that you have forgotten who i am.

Hec : of corse i haven forgotten.

The silence is so deep that the wind blowing her hair is the loudest thing.

Jessa : where have you been?

Hec : home, you?

Jessa : O’ same i guess.

Hec : I’m sorry, but i need to get to Mak’s before.

Hec looks around weirally.

Jessa : O’of corse.

Hec scurries along.


Returning home with a bad of things.

Hec dad who is still covered in blood looks at him with a menacing look.

Ton : where the hell have you gone?

Hec : Mak’s I needed medical supplies.

Ton : who is hurt?

Hec : Who, you are.

Ton : its only a scratch.

They tor your flesh open, it i dont close it…

Ton : i said I’m fine.

Hec trustratedly puts the supplies on the table.

He throws down the bag of medicine.

Hec : then suture your own wounds.  



Getting ready to leave, hec is having a hard time finding to place thing in his bag.

He grunts through his teeth.

Hec : why till the moment i wish to lewave do i have so may thing.

Here, consider it a gift for all you have done for me.

Red reaches in to her fancy fur-lined stitched and studded in silver, from this she pulls out another bag, this one is much older and well worn it all its edges are frayed.

Red : i this one is special. A trophy from a Demi-god.

Hec can see its liver the best years of it life with what looks like rat holes strouned throughout.

Red : dont look at it like that, its made to look like nothing of value. Many of time it was the only thing left to me by those who of an immature nature.

Hec opens it and a gust of wind blows against his face that his cheeks wrinkle, and his hair is whipped into a frenzy.

Red moves to her side and pets the Fuzy Wazy,

Red : that is a good girl. Defense mechanism. Lucky for you it was out rather then in.

Hec : will she be doing that every time?

Red forges a ponderous look.

Red : well, she is yours now, so i would hope not.

Red voice is saying she is having to much fun ay Hec expense.

Hec : yeah, no thanks, I’d rather not get dismembered or eaten by my own bag.

Red : o but she is so much more the a bag. Its a magical item.

Red puts her hands up as to signify thwart this is the greatest thing ever.

Hec : not buying it.

Red : your not, its a gift, one that should not be scoffed at so lightly by one who knows nothing oof it power.

Red’s tone is back to being annoyed.

Red waves her hand summoning Hec to her.

Red : Come come, let me show you.

Red holds up her hand under a braclet of variring metals that look like they are a stange forms of brass, silver, and gold. Red twists her wrist making the more then normal ordinands jingle.

Red removes the braclet, hec is surprised that she would give her something so precious. Red let the shinny thing fall in to her lap. Hec’s eye trace its movement, then whe Red doesn’t move he retraces the movement back up to her hands.

Red is indicating awareness to there being a woven floral glyph surrounding Red’s wrist

In a commanding voice that Hec can nott resist.

Red : i said come, and sit.

Hec does as she says.

Red : place your hand in the day’s opening and hold it there like this.

Red demonstrates.

Hec places his hand in the bag, red pulls hers out.

Red : o’did i say this was going to hurt.

Before Hec can jerk his hand out. The bag has since around it.

It is so tight that Hec can feel his blood has stop moving.

Hec desperately shakes they bad in an attempt to get it off.

Red laughs uncontrollably, as only some one who has gone through this before could find it funny.

It feels like a pack of cave rat’s teeth are ripping in to Hec’s hand. They are  devouring it inch by inch till it is completely. Consumed.

Hec has got the bag cinched between his legs while using his core muscles as leverage to try and leverage his nub free.

With the sound of a piece of moist meat being spat out.

Hec hand is ejected. Hec immediately grabs to comfort his missing limb.

Stinging needle made of jagged metal alert him that his hand is not in fact gone.

It is a errie grey tone as if it had dead.

Red: Well done.

Hec had never thought this woman would have harmed him, but at this moment he was no longer sure of any such thing.

Red holds up her hand and the floral glyph slowly fades.

Hec looks down to see one hand strangling another to keep the blood from escaping.

But between his finger something is moving.

Hec releases his grip to see the same ones that was on her wrist, now weaving its self on to his wrist.

Hec : no longer scared but in a stunned amazement, then.

Hec : What kinda sicko makes such a thing.

Red : it has a trial, unlike you i had to keep my hand in willingly.

You got off with me insuring you wouldn’t fail.

Hec : who said i would have failed?

But the tearmarks down her face were sign enough to let him know ne was not ready.

Red : now it is yours to command.

Hec : how?

Red : open it.

Hec does so, this time it looks like the inside of a bag, but the bottom is an unseeable blackness.

Hec : now what?

Red : Put you hand in it.

Hec does, till his shoulder has past the opening clasp.

Them a realvation comes to him, “what if this thing bit down now?”

Hec pulls his arm out. He wiggles his empty fingers.

Red : Well that could have gone worse. It is clear you are not a natural at Calling.

Hec : what is that supposed to be?

Red : The ability to Call thing from the bag. Its not a loss, it was only your first time. Try to imagine something coming out in your hand.

Hec puts only his hand in and imagines a forging hammer.

Red : well?

Hec pulls out his hand, it is empty.

They sign in unison.

——-/// as they travel, every night Hec repeatedly places his hand in to the bag hoping to pull something out. Like a rabbit in the hat trick.

The feeling of his hand changes.

Red shakes her head at him fromher bed roll.

One morning at a river’s water fall. Hec decides he going to wash off the trave grim.

Spends the better part of the morning scrubbing the bag against boulder under the waterfall. For all his hard work the out side only looks mildly cleaner.

Maybe they will come be some soap root along the way.

The out side is soaked, but the inside is dry. “Because Magic”.

As he is examining the bag to see if there is a way to repair the numerous holes.

There is a sharp pain in his foot.

Dropping the bag he starts to hop on one foot.

After trying several hops and making sure to count out ten toes.

Hec looks to the ground and finds an odd looking sheath made of Boar’s skin and bone, in it is what looks like to be the shape of a double sided dagger, but the handle thickness is that of a two handed poll,. He had to wield one with his father during forging larger or more dense alloy.

“Who ever wielded this musta had a real big hand”.

Getting back to camp, red is agitated.

We should have left hours ago. What were you thinking?

Hec holds up the odd dagger.

Hec : it fell from the bag.

Red : it fell? Like how?

Hec : i turned it upside down. It hit the top of my foot.

Red : sometime… it could be a sign from the gods.

Hec : what do you think it means?

Red : What your a fool, if that had been in the bag i would have known.

Hec : that wasnt nice.

Hec had a strained voice meaning. He thought this could have been a real thing.

Red shakes her hands at him to grab up his stuff.

Hec solves his things in the bag of holding.

It was nice of the bag to give him something, and he is cramming things in it roughly.

Hec : sorry

Hec is not sure if he is being silly by addressing the bag as if it was sentient.

As he is finishes.

Red : good gods could you be any slower, and i thought women were the slow ones.


The sun will set soon meaning it is nearly dinner timet

Red is moving at a snail’s pace. He knows her injuries are still a problem.

He could makes this easier on her if he set up camp.

Hec : ill go up a head and scout out a sleweping place off the trail.

Red : do not think me so weak that i could not turn you in to a hair and skin you for dinner.

Hec : that may be, but I would like to not sleep under the early morning dew, and spend half the day trying to warm back up. So do as you please.

At the top of the hill hec finds a workable pass in to an area with rocks that deflect the wind. Pine needles have been blown in, he moves them in to a pile, then flattens them out into a makeshift bedding.

Pulling the polls he has placed in the bag and a corse wool tarp that is still a little moist from yesterday. He makes a lean to as cover, while starting to pul;l some of the dried giant hamster.

If they keep relying of the dehydrated rations, they will run out.

Plus fresh grilled meat is so much more tasty.

He wonders if he looked around if he could find any fresh meat.  

Red Cain echos off the rock. He gets a good look at her and sees that she is using both hand is she were the one rowing across the river of the dead herself.

Her face is darkened, it looks menising and full of ill will. But not at him. Her gaze is directed at an imagined enemy.

Moving closer Hec startles her. She looks deep in to his eyes and at his body, for the first time Hec does not feel comfortable with her gaze. She is not looking at him as a friend, but as a meal.

Hec : is there anything i can do to help? Look I’ve made the bed, why dont you go lay down while i make you something to eat.

Red’s eyes are glazed over, and the purple bruising from around her eyesoakets starts to seeps away. Her pasty face returns to it’s normal color. Red manages to nod in agreement.

Hec feels a welling of danger coming from her that he has never noticed before.

He has to push it in to the back of his mind and move on to finding something her can turn into a quick meal.


Not far from the trail Hec comes across a bobcat.

He pulls the slug from his belt in the same motion that he plucks a stone from the ground.

The bobcat stops as it thinks it hears something.

Hec has hid his arms movement behind a bush.

The bobcat head turns only enough to make a better target.

The rock impact sends the thick necked animal spinning to the ground.

Hec moves quickly to the fresh kill making sure it does not get away.

He jumps over the sone where it was and finds it still body.

Hec : i am sorry little one, please understand that i need you meat to survive, and i offer my thanks for yoursacrifice.

He strings the cat up by is hide legs,

Hec : you have a fine coat, i promise it will not go to waste.


Back at camp. Hec can see that Red has past out in the lean-to,

“Let her rest, it will take a bit to prep…”

There is a crunching sound.

Hec turns around to see Red cramming the bobcat’s body in to her mouth. Blood dips down her face as she squeezes even harder.

Hec stumbles back, he can not seem to make the words come out of his mouth. He realizes he is in shock, he steps back even further as the bobcat is enveloped in a red glow. Hec is shocked to have to see Red sucking not just the blood but its life’s energy.

Hec watches the bobcat body wither as if it was growing older.

Then it all made sense. Her had been eating herself healthier.

Red’s irises are so diolated that they look as if they were completely black.

Her eyes are drinking in part of its energy.

Hec : what are you? What are you doing?

Red throws down the disintegrating bobcat corps.

Hec stares at it as turns to dust,

Red : it was not dead, i finished the job.

Hec wonders if she thinks that is enough to finish this conversation.

Hec : You steal others life force?

Red : i do not steal, i take their essence into myself, its no different then if you had eaten it. I am just more efficient at its consumption. I wasted nothing.

Hec : then you did not consume that man at the cave, or the ones in my town?

Hec already knows the answer, but choses to wait for an answer.

Red turns and walks back to the lean two.

He will not get an answer tonight.

Sleeping in there with her now seems like a unnessisary risk.

He stomach has lost all desire to eat, even fresh grilled meat twists his stomach’s walls.

He sleep under the stars again. She sits upon a rock trying to see if any one is following them, but his mind is on Red, he is trying to decide if what she said was as she said it…

Was it really no different?

Hec realizes the sun has set and returns to the lean too and Red is not there.

Hec is thankful; he grabs his bag and grabs his blanket.

He thinks all that Red has done for him, and he decides to give her the benefit of the doubt.


Hec stayed up all night tossing and turning, and it was not alll the small pebbles poking him in the back. He felt ill about her even being an evil person. “The whole thing is so stupid”. The fight he had with Red, altho it really was not a fight persay, or not like the one he and his dad would have.

Dad always made him say sorry. Even if dad was the one who was wrong.

He knows he should say sorry, before this feeling cement in to an impasse.

Next morning the white clouds of yesterday are now a mean grey, with lumps of black.

Aq Thunderous roars tare across the surface of the mountain.

Hec body lurches in it own will, forcing him to dives into the lean-to. Hec pushes himself up, forcing on a smile. He is wondering what they are going to do about this storm. Red is not there, hec looks around as if it were a great expanse of land to realize her sleeping roll has not been slept in. At the top heart the bag of holding that red has been using as a pillow, is a note. Hec picks it up, but hits reading is a little rusty to say the least. “Why would there be a note by Red?”

Red : it is no longer safe for us to travel together, I’m just slowing you down, so I wish you luck on your journeys. Dont get caught it would be bad for the both of us.

Hec : you have to be kidding me. Your leaving me now, are you insane?

For a second he really does expect a response.

Whennon is offer he feels foolish, till his anger floods in.

He can not help to wonder who would do that to a kid.

Well he is not a kid anymore.

He needs to figure this out on hois own.

And next time he will not let others hold up his expectations.

Hec : Damn you Red.


The cold stole his mobility, every step feels like shards of ice stabbing his soul through his body.

This makes the trip down the mountain is slow, his legs wont respond correctly, it is making him second guess himself. He has to check every step twice.

But with every step the temperature increases, and he drinks it in with every nice of skin.

By the time reaches his physical ends.

The grey scale shell rock reminds him of a rock dragons scales.

He has to pull himself from a daydream filling his mind like a early morning fog.

For a daydream it is so real, that it boggles the mind.

There is still so much mountain left,

The thought of sitting down is so appealing,

Hec knows if his ass hit the ground,

its over for him.

As he trips and falls

he slides over the eagle reaches a shelf,

the clouds the sun stricks the green grass of the.

A gust of wind blows a cold forcing Hec against the slate wall.

There is a small crevice hec tries to make himself smaller to squeeze in a little deeper.

Till he fills weightless.

He hits the ground.

The cave has a quite rumbles

It is difficult to walk in pitch black.

Hec used his hand along the moist wall.

Warmth fills his still shaking body.

it stink like his father.

He finds a Mountain Giant leaning against the cave wall.

His snoring shakes the place.

His breath has a force, it is like a wind, but of course he drunk and passed out.

The cold is in his bones,

Drawing him in like a magnet.

Senses say he should run away, but the heat.

It Feels like sheets of ice are falling away.

The closer he gets.

He is so small compared to the mountain of a man, well he thinks it is a male.

“Not sure what it is actually, plus the mountain would never know. I will only stay long enough to warm up.”

He looks up at the mass of muscle. Just Incase he forgot what he said 10n seconds ago.  

“Ill be out of here before he wakes.”

It has the warmth of a summer day.

As loud as his snoring is, Hec falls aright to sleep.

With a gasp of air Hec wake from a good slumber.

It is his ears that alert him something is different.

The looks around and sees that the Mountain Giant is still sleeping?

Or is he? Hec says out loud.

He quickly slaps his hand over his mouth.

“Idiot, you will wake him and he will squish you like a bug.

The Mountain Giant seems to have fallen on his side and is breathing in a shallow manner.

As Hec carefully tip toes around he can see the giant’s coin purse.

“What if some one went through your things while you were sleeping?”

Hec already knows the answer.

The Giant’s body twitches violently.

Hec backs away fearing being squished or worse being trapped underneath and dying slowly.

Hec feels hell enough to walk, so that is what he does.

He walks out the cave and Dow the mountain to the realest village, Gandor.

It looks to be a newer village, all the buildings are of contemporary construction, as well as the coat of finishing mud are still white.

Its early so not many people are up yet.

He will walk through and move further inland and reconnect with the river ahead.

As he passes the last building on the Main Street.

Hec hears a slamming screen door. He does not stop walking but does turn his head. He can see a small girl runs out in to the street, then in his direction.

“Yes little one?”

Did he steal Red”s saying.

You gonna help us Mister?

What did you need help with?

My daddy didn’t come home, he went to see the mean lady.

The mean lady?

Yeah, momma calls her that.

I’m sorry, but i do not know the Mean Lady.

A light door squeaks and a husky woman’s voice.

Honey get away from that strange man.

The girl turns around and runs away,

What with you, i told you to not talk to strangers.

Then he is alone again.


On the trail hec runs in to a strange scene of clothing and weapons scattered around.

The trial is almost wide enough to be considered a road.

But the fields of grass have clear trails of erratic patterns, no animal would move like that, so ther proble human one.

[he and the Blood Gem are both working at Syphoning]

[from the Blood Gem, Hec steals its ability to store Magic (not normal);

And the ability to Syphon others magics. ]


[it was the crystal that it feeding him. Its tethered to the bag of holding/ Forever Bag]

[like Rogue, he has the ability to reap the abilities or skills of others; the closer in  proximity to a person or thing the greater the reaping.

He has been in direct contact with the jewel since Red gave it it him, as his first (fracture) the steals the gems ability, and gains the Syphon ability as well as storage


Outtuma the Night Piercer

Blade is sharp enough to cut through rock

Uses the but end to crunch nuts, and accidentally activate the shaft.


Powerful enough to control my own destiny.


Extra info for book, not to be added to finished draft/ but counts for NaNo camp, because……


Define his worth through actions and attitudes.

Metaphor family….? The Mother, [Katara/Sakura]

What is his public identity? The boy nobody wants to be involved with.

Default personality trait?

He shuts down, he goes somewhere inside himself. An untouchable place.

Default argument tactic?

He has a whatever response when pushed.

“Do what you want,”

But don’t come to me if it fails (frustration).

However he’s always worried about them.

    To defend those that can’t defend themselves.

Hero’s motivation for taking on these challenges: strong and simple.

He has nothing stopping him from leavening except what will happen to his dad.

The abuse he can take, he been taking it as far back as he can remember.

But Scarlet gives him someone else to worry about. The lack of self changes him.

Basic human urges:

To do more than survive, to find purpose beyond one’s self.

Infinite image: an image we haven’t seen before.

a boy holding an infant and a bloody sword.

Holly crap moments:

Scarlets face,

Dad beating ins son


Compiling conflict?

Ironic before and after surprise?


Scarlet is his mother?

But she is to damaged to be, so she ends up in a daughterly roll.

She was on her way to get him.

She replaced Hec with the woman’s baby, hers was still born, it would has been a curse on her and she would not have found a new mate. Leaving her to die of become a woman of color (prostitution).

[normal women wear blan color, women of entertainment wore bright things]

[Hec second mother is not dead, she works in the capital as an entertainer.]

The father decided to tell others of her death then deal with the fact that he could not get her pregnant.

Marcia begged Ton to take there son and raise him to be a good man.

Hec didn’t act like a man,as far as his dad was conserned; and the fact that no woman wanted him after they saw how he treated her, Ton has angered and tried to beat the mothering trait out of HEC .

Reaper Magic

Reaper Magic mixed with

Battery in his bag of holding.
To much power is leads to miss use or worse wasteful use.

By suspending his equipment in with magical energy. He can pull out small amounts off Magic or larger amounts with larger things.

A deal was struck
In the infinity bag of holding lives Belladonna, a female Warlock (not a witch) being hungered, by men for the use of her power. I’m her time of need she was force to struck an unfavorable deal with a young man. in exchange for the bag of holding, And the offer of knowledge; Akillus would keep her and the bag safe.

Not an easy task for a teenage boy. She is forced to grant him a magical spear [armor  piecing/ an extending shaft], that he carries as a dagger.

He has
–  A hunting knife
– A two handed wood chopping Axe
– Street cloths hiding
     Elvish chain-male.
(Elves: a long dead people)

Werespider silk rope.
– it self replaces with time.
– It’s on his wrist gauntlet (like Spider-Man but can’t shoot it accurately except within 3 meters.
– If he ever lots it run out; the magic will run out and the device will no longer be of use; unless he were able to hunt down a werespider an cut out its silk maker… well at least again.
– He can’t take it off. It’s glued to his wrist.
– Tensile strength? It comes from a spider as large as a full size man and

Hec grows impatient and turns the gag up side down.



Hec remembers when he crawled in to the river lions cave, this has that same feeling, he wonder what he is getting himself into this time.

A Lion, a tiger, a bear.

The shaking in his body is screaming at him “your gonna die”.

He uses a half dead shuffle to work his way deeper in.

There is wind of rotted meat and sickness, and it is warm.  

Hec fine a fuzzy boulder radiating heat, as her approaches its easily three of him high. In the dark it is hard to see but he thinks it, “It is moving”.  there are pops and cracks that there ring his ears.

Fear is not enough of a word to describe his state as he wraps his mind around of the size of what he is looking at…


Voden + Ville + Vay:

Plot and murder YMIR.

Destroying the first race and all pure blood Children.

Leading to the distroction of the old world and bringing about a new age:

The Gods feared them so they would rarely come down to intermingle with the second and third races.

The Gods Called them The Ice Age tribe.

The gods called half bloods [The Ice Age Tribe] formed a city apon a mountain top, invisible to the other races. The half breed commingled, more so as we know Gods of old today.

The Half Blood / [NEW GODS]and Giants broke alignces. And begone a war.

The New Gods wanted to prove they were superior, at first the Giants would only defend themselves. After the death of several of their kind, it became an all out war. With most Gods and Giants being killed.

The Giant made a deal with Queen Freya [her thinking it was a good idea to get rid the ugliest things that she had ever crossed her path.

Freya agreed to created them a place that the Gods could not go.

It was so cold that the Gods would freeze if they stayed there.

This Bringing an end to all out war.

[Giants have resistance to cold; shape shift in size; and body / LORI]

beside weather they receive a gift.  

The New Gods created themselves a tower to watch over what they considered to be there soils of War.

The giants have never wanted the attentions of the other races: however The New Gods wish to be preyed to for there sacrifice in defeating their enemies, they demanded this from what they deemed the other lower races. It was owed to them for freeing them from their oppressor the Old Gods and and the Older Giants.

SKADDY: lady of …

Perceptions of the peerslanders [people of the land].

Giants : are of ice, as in before times: in space / cold. Never a good thing.

Gods : are of fire. Some times good some times bad.  

Frey : of life., playfully Mischievous, annoying, trouble, harmful, cause injury.

As YMIR decays the land will become cold and lifeless.

They need the Gods to keep away the cold of the before times.

Then tho the Gods created the problem, they are the only ones that can stop the END OF DAYS.

The EOD is considered the avenging of YMIR’S slaying. Where all life will END.

The rebirth


UTGARD: beyond the Fence:

In fence: are the tamed

Beyond the Fence: are wild / untamed

Used before a Giants name:



[thrym steals the hammer of YUTENA: Mjolnir:]

YUTENA and LORI dress up as Freya and her First Lady.

[meaning they shape shifted into their forms]

YUTENA killed all the Giants who were their.



LORI spy’s on GIROD, but gets himself trapped.

GIROD cages him, and refuses to feed him still he reveals himself.

LORI does, GIROD makes him promise to bring YUTENA to him without Mjolnir. LORI like other Gods can not break a promise. LORI tell YUTENA that GIROD wishes to meet him, and he has two beautiful daughters. They rested in the home of the Giantess GREIVA. GREIVA having ill will towards GIROD, warns YUTENA of GIROD’S Ill nature, For the Cost of a night of pleasure she will gift her a staff and a belt.

When YUTENA and LORI came to the river Zelmar ZELMAR, they are warned not to look into the crystal clear water. It is known for entrancing men with their own harts appetites, pulling them into the water she that the creatures of the water may feasted on their life’s energy.

In the middle if the vast body of water; GIROD’s daughter WETIR use her gifts of controlling water, she creates storm like waves to try and drowned YUTENA;

YUTENA slips and starts to fall over broad she tries to steady herself with the staff but it to slips.

LORI is thrown over the side and consumed by the water.

Thrown to the other side of the boat YUTENA stricks her ribs upon the edge of the boat were she drops the staff and she curses herself. Till she sees the staff glowing as it returns its self to YUTENA.

YUTENA plunges the staff back into the water. The staff grow till it hits the bottom, it stops the boat from over turning.

As YUTENA reach shore she begins to throw rocks at the embodiment of WETIR.

WETIR’s dose not move having no fear of these hand size boulders. WETIR’S Water body bellows over in pain as sheer takes damage from the rock YUTENA enchanted.

WETIR flees back in to the water. The crystal clear water clouding as if blood was being poured in to it. Then it turning into black as a lightless sky.

They come apon a Giant’s sized Stone castle.

The doors open without aid. A tide like breeze leads YUTENA to a room with only one chair. YUTENA body is strained from the long night with GREIVA, and an even longer day fighting with WETIR. She is quick to claim the very soft chair and even quick to find herself falling asleep.

Her eyes may be closed, but she can feel the chair moving.

The chair bolts around the room smashing YUTENA in to every wall.

YUTENA uses the belt to strap herself the the chair, then.

The pain is great, but YUTENA manages to stick the staff into the ceiling and itpoint stick in to the morter.

He uses it ability to extend to he traps the chair against the floor. YUTENA having pinned the chair increases the pressure till she hears a a snap and a woman’s scream. The chair turns in to air and escapes out using the gap under the bottom of the door.   

YUTENA tries to remove the staff from the morter, but the end brakes off.

“This is not a good thing, it was on loan, GREIVA will be displeased.

But it could not be helped and that will have to be enough.”

The door unlocks it self.

“No sleep for th weary.”

Finding GIROD sitting in his home mage thrown room.

YUTENA is quick to chastise him fort his lack of hospitality.

GIROD is unaffected by her complaints.

GIROD reaches in to a Calderon and pulls out a lump of molten lava, he shapes it into a ball and throws it at YUTENA< she uses the Cain as a bat and strike it, sending it right back at GIROD,


The tip of the staff was now covered in a metal YUTENA had never seen before.

The the metal did not burn the wooden staff.

YUTENA dipped the staff in to ther colderen and coated it in this rear metal.

She thinks this should be a great gift to GREIVA.

But when she tries to returns it, GREIVA curses her for distroying her staff.

It is a metal that is proofed against her magic.

Not only that but she had cracked the tip off, lessening it range of stretch.

YUTENA  is cast out of GREIVA home without pause nor celebration.

YUTENA finds LORI standing there with a confused look on her face.

“What is it little Sister.”

“When were you going to come looking for me.”

“Why would i do that, i knew you could handle yourself.”

She punches her in the shoulder.


Upon entering the stone castle Thor is lead into a room with a comfy chair.

She is quick to pass out from the long night and day of fighting with WETIR.

As her eyes close, the chair moves.

No [They then threw rocks at GIROD’s daughter…?::: dont think i need this] used the staff to stop the boat from tipping.


Yoten means to hec as: to consum or devower

GIA [spirit of the earth] and the God known as  NORS created a race of bean. The first race. This first creation of their race has named Ymir: he wondered around hopelessly board. So their carved him in half and created from him YONA. With them together they upturned the earth creating land masses and sea beds.

The second Race was created to fix the damage done by YMIR and YONA.

They are called the FREY, after their Queen FREYA.

YONA bore a Son named BURI. BURI using the power of glamour, made himself so handsome that he stole away his mother from his father. BURI and YONA had a Son they named GORY.

GORY had the ability to shift his size. Having non of his own people to interact with, He shrunk himself to play with the people of the Second Race.

There he met a beautiful girl named TILLA, she was a princess of the second race.

And being touched by and offspring of the defielers of MOTHER. Was an act of Herisy. FRYA in a fit of rage struck at GORY, blinding him; then she

Cast TILLA out of the kingdom of the FREY.

YUTENA is the last living Daughter of Tilla. YUTENA is hated by all the races and she has never known a home. YUTENA is the forever Wanderer

She’s is less in stature then her creators. So Gods, Giants, and Frey came to challenge her, thinking her less then her forebears, but they had made a mistake. YUTENA is Extemely Dangerous with her gift of strength that goes beyond the Gods and Giants alike. YUENA Defeated most with little to no effort.

A FEY [single] warrior named GIY had a HAMMER weapon smithed to aid him in destroying her. It was a smasher that used his internal power to create its magical affect. But in his hubris he had made it to heavy to wield properly. YUTENA dodged were swift and precise movements. Leading GIY to becoming tired. In his weakened state he missedwith greater and greater folly, YUTENA disarmed him and then used the FEY’s weapon against him. Ending the fight.

YUTENA won a prize the day, it was a weapon that she would become synonyms for wielding in battle.



BURI is the Son of YMIR and YONA.

daughter of “Ymir” the first of the mountain giants:

Buri: pernounced Gory  

Gory was father Bor,

Bor is the grandfather to Woden.

The mountain giants were as powerful as the Gods. So they chose to intermingled.

Till Bor fellin love with a goddess Names Best.

The Gods for bid their union.

So Bor married Best in secret.

This caused bad blood between the Gods and Mountain Giants.

The gods could only visit earth for a while before they had to leave.

The M/G were born of the land and could live with ease.

Yotena mother was


Gift or Inheritance are bestowed to any one of any race.

Gift’s are considered so if in a chain of a family.

Inheritance is when given to one with no forbear for a gift.

Gifts are refined, while inheritance are wildly powerful.



The death of YMIR created the land for the Third race to thrive upon.



Many beats stay far away from peerlanders settlements.

Except insects dont have the mind to fear Peerlanders; they go where they must. Build hive where it is most suitable.

It is an all out War for the Peerlanders, they feel nas all they see is theirs.

No matter that other creature who has been they much longer.

The Queen calls herself VESPA


The Queen is different then the Workers and Warriors.

The WASP Queen is a Daughter of Freya.

In order to leave the realm of FREY, she had to give up her true name.

She can hold no name among her Sisters.

The nameless has chosen the Wasps as her champions.

Alone in them she has granted them part of her spirit [magic].

SIZE: [TARAHAWKS] because they like to build their nest out of mud, primarily.

The Queen Wasp can range from 3 to 36 inches.

The Workers are about the size of a grown Man’s thumb.

[3 to 4 inches with a 1 inch stinger; normal is 1 inch inch in length]

The Warriors are the size of a Man’s forearm.

[12 to 20 inches with a 3 inch stingers; norm is about 2 to 3 inches]

WASPS are Black with Yellow accents; the tips of their wings are a neon Blue while in motion, their eyes produce a luminous red when agitated/hatred. [like all animals].

WASPS are omnivores

But They will consume any protein soreses it comes across. Even the dead or live. Wasps have the ability to digest decayed flesh and even the bones whole or in fragments; This includes Peerlanders.

This is why they fear them so much. Mothers tell stories of a Wasp Queen who would  stitched the souls of children into her mud castle.

Wasps are Apocrita, not like Ant/ian nor Bee/ bizzitens.

Wasps have a low intelligence, because they are controlled by their Queen.

Also depending on their Queen they maybe “Fractures”

Fractures are anything other then normal, discluding their size.

So a Fracture could be a (Metal) Wasp of any size.

Worker like close to bees but the difference is the at bee are Yellow with Black stripes. Wasps are Black with yellow stripes.


It is the most effective way to harvest pollen to make honey.

A head securely mounted on to the thorax, with a narrow waist that is attached to a thick abdomen, which is good for storing pollen. Think of it like a tugboat.

The Warriors are different: they are much larger. They have necks to give them better range of vision [night vision/ altho they are day hunters]. Warriors have lean abdomen that make them more aerodynamic and maneuverable. [think jetski] Elongated forelegs for grasping and holding its enemies.

The Wasps attack with thorns on their forelegs to hold prey in place so the can bite  and or sting with a 3 to 5 inch stinger, that leave in small hairs that are poisonous.

When threatened the yellow hairs will activate a bioluminescent as well as their wings which are clear, but the tips let off a red luminous arch as a warning / defensive mechanism. [the saying goes… if you see Red, your already dead.]


It will encircle an entire tree, and are as tall as 10 Peerlanders.

But their are also cases where they build in the ground, these are called TARAHAWKS.

The nest Hec comes across is barried in the crepes if a mountain.

That is why the villagers can not beat them, they can not reach the nest.

Plus the nest is massive. It has been there fore a long time, unlike the village which is new.

Queen gives the wasp human like characteristics.


Mountain / Massive; Hill / Large; River / Medium; Bush / larger than average.

Magic feels like taking shrooms.

The neckless with a gem is pulling out his magic.

Before it would simple come out on its own.

It is a sensation of being tired.

Hec does not know he has magic potential,

So he does not try and manifest it.

Instead he

allows it to seep into his iron work.

[like his father.]

They have low quality iron, but the make tails way above the metal class.

All metals can be infused with magic.

All Gems, Crystals, and Sky Stones can be infused with magic. Once they have a magical core put with in them.

The clam shell locket has a hidden Red Rubie hidden with in it.


Red offered it to Hec as if it were the source of his “new” found magic.

But she works his that it will come at a cost.

She knows that power has an affect on the weak and down troughten.

He will bend himself to her will to keep the power.


He tells her hew does not think it is working…

Red : Do not be absurd, you have only had it apon you neck for a few moments.

He looks at her with expectation.

Red : what are you expection a phynix to fly out of you ass?

Hec : No, but something.

Annoyed with his expectations of her gift as a slight on herself.

Red : if you do not want it i am more then happy to take it back.

Hec : No, no, no.

Red : Well stop this complaining. Magic is powerful and will show itsself when it is damn well ready, and not a moment before. Now leave me so that i may rest.

She rolls over in the hay, pulling her bear skin wrap over her whole body as she fades in to invisibility.

Hec lays awake in his bed thumping the crinkled metal oval.

He had not see a pieced of work like this before.

Woman did not wear things of this nature.

The construction was so “pretty”.

The weight was so light that it had to b e empty; Or maybe it had something … “Hidden with in it?”

He pushed on it at all the points he could think of that might be hinged.

But the body was so smooth that no layers could be deciphered.

Hec tried to pull on it, but his finger could not get a grip on the edges,

They were superbly beveled.

Hec : Why wont you

His voices strains in it attempt to open it.

Hec : open.

It slips in his grip and spins freely spinning in to the air.

There is a metallic click and lady bugs wings dates it open.

It lands on his chest.

The red ruby glows and streams of energy as thin a human hairs are leach through his chest and absorbed by the ruby’s core.


Hec does not think to close it immediately.

Its beauty is shocking.

Only when he feel the sinking in his chest

Does he consider then this may not be heathy.

He uses his hands and a bit of force to close the wing like protector.

The streams do not seem to notice that he has closed it,

He can feel his body begin to produce bubbles.

Like a boiling pot of water.

It is becoming hard and harder to hold on to his physical body.

It feels as if it were evaporating away.

His vision is becoming as if he had dropped a large stone in a little pond; the wave like ripples clash and cross on another.

He hears voices “ do more, stay away, your gonna die, it tickles, I need more, no one will ever, it’s your fault….

His mind pulls away, but there is one more voice that sticks out. He knows it, but It does not familiar. He feels like if he thought about it hard enough he should be able to know it.

The older woman’s voice keep repeating,

“Be safe.”

He can feel his body rising till it reaching for the stars. It becomes cold.

The blackness envelops him and his body it completely gone.

He wakes in the morning with his father kicking on his bed.

Dad : what you planning to sleep all day. Dont even think about telling me your tired or sick, cause i dont care. We have plenty of orders we need to fill.

Meet me at the shop.

The endless amounts of energy he normally has to restrain through out the day is now nowhere to be found.

His eyelids try to force themselves close with every stock of his hammer.

His horse shoes have an amiture quality to them.

Dad : What in the hells are these supposed to be?

Dad grabs two of the ten horses house and inspects them closely.

Dad : I cant sale these things.

Dad throws them at his feet.

Dad : Start over and do it right.

Hec looks over to see BO’s face, its in shock at first, then turns to a grin.

Hec can see that BO finds this funny,

“But how can he.”

The disrespect that dad pays him isnt funny.

“Why is Dad being mean to me?”

Hec knows his work isnt the best he has ever produced, but its high enouquality to sell to farmers donkeys.”

Hec knows treat dad can easily get fifty coppers for his work. And they are backlogged with orders.

BO is still smiling.

BO it working on a twisted piece of metal that the has repeatedly burnt.

The metal with have to be thrown away.

Dad : good work BO, your a natural at this.

“What did my dad just say.”

Hec feels the tension growing in his hand.

His fathers back is turned to him.

But why, “hes never complained about my work before”.

“Is he doing it because BO

He stops the words before they come out of his mouth, “why dont you do them yourself.

It takes several breaths to quell his anger.

“I have done nothing for him to talk to me like this.

Hec uses his anger to feel his through out the rest of the day.

When he gets home his hands have blisters on them,

Now he gets to make super.

There is a knock apon the door and yanks it open the see a woman standing there.

His anger clouds his vision for a second.

Hec : what?

BARB : i thought it might be nice of me to cook you and your father a meal.

Hec : why, thats my job.

Barb : in thanks to your father giving my son an apprenticeship.

Hec eyes widen.

Hec : you BO’s mom…

Barb : yes i am, and it is Mis Bomen, not BARB, only adults may call me by my first name. Son.

Hec : I’m not your Son. Ill let dad know you were here. Good night.

Hec goes to close the door and Barb sticks her foot in the door’s path.

Barb : i understand that you are with outer a mother; however, you are a child, and there are sentences manner that should be paid to women and elders.

Hec stars at her as if he has no idea what she is talking about.

Barb : open the door and let me in, before I have to tell your father that you have no manors.

Hec considers what she is saying and his father has had no need of a woman since mother past.

Hec : tell him your self he is standing behind you.

Barb is quick to turn and see no one standing behind her.

Hec can now slam the door closed.

Through it he can he Barb bark

Barb : How Rude.

Hec goes back to defeathering the game foul he had caught yesterday.

He hears Barb voice from the center room.

Barb : There is no reason to thank me, this is in thanks to you.

Dad and Barb walk in to the kitchen.


Dad : Miss Bomen wishes to make us a meal. Do as she says.

Barb : I could not ask him to do a thing, it’s Zach woman’s place to do the cooking in the home. You all go occupie your selves while i get to work.

Barb grabs Hec’s moms aprin and ties it on. Hec move to grab it but dad grabs his shoulder.

Dad : go clean yourself up, then wait in your room till you are called down.

Da’s finger tips dig in to his skin.

Hec t

Leaves with out another word to either of them.

He stomps out to the well and draws up a good amount of water.

He takes a bird bath.

As he is washing, his blister begin to pop.

He uses one fingernail to tap on the locket.

I could use some help fixing this. He focuses on his hands.

He waits but nothing happens. What a joke.

Bo : who are you talking to?

Hec was so lost in his thoughts theagt he did not even hear Bo paroch.

Hec : the Gods of Corse. How’s else.

Bo : like the goods care about you or your problems. You should not waste their time.

Bo slashes the tubs Water were on his face. It makes Hec feel better to know that blessed posse is no being smeared all upon Bo’s face.

Bo walks away. Hec just smiles at him.


No one ever called him down for dinner.

Barb must have told dad about what he had done.

But in truth he did not care because he needed the sleep anyway.

He needs to sneak some of the left overs out to RED.

Where he arrives in the kitchen it has been cleaned and everything In there had been moved.

“What, that is so not cool.”

Hec can hear dad creeping up from behind him.

Hec : what happened in here?

Dad : Mis Bomen derided to fix it up.

Hec know their was nothing wrong with wrong this it, she did it out of spite.

Dad : She will be back to night.

Hec : why does she need to do that?

Dad : because i want her to. So plan on seeing her a lot. And do not forget to payt her her proper respect.

Hec sighs.

Dad : you got something to say?

Hec : we do not need her, we are fine.

Dad : Not your decision, my home, my rules.

Hec : i liver here to.

Dad : i allow you to live here, i paid for all this…

Hec : Thats not true, you seem the things i make.

Dad : that money only pays me back for your expensive

Hec : like i said…

His dad give him a look that says say one more word.

Hec decides storming oot of the house is a better option,

His dad yells after him, but he ignores it and finds his way into the Forest.


Wooden Peg-icorn.

Magical item that was sold to Hec,

Cheaply sold; previous owner doesn’t have magic, he is hoping that Hec can awaken it, so the he may steal it back.

Hec looks up and down the street.

There are many shops to choose from.

He slowly works his way down the compact mud brick skirt to the main road.

He is waiting for something to call to him, like Red told him to do.

Most of the shop entrances are filthy. How could any one want to perches goofs from a place that looks like its owner could care less about its condition; if the outside is gross, then what are the insides like?

As he shakes his head in disbelief, sometimes shinny catches his attention. He turns his body to get a good look and see a deep purple oning with golden tassels for trim.

He knows that is the place. He can feel it.

Magnetic needs hold the dugs at bay from the front doorway. He uses his hand to cut a path through.

It is much larger inside than it’s outside.

It must be a spatial paradox, like his bag.


It makes him wonder who big his bag really is, this topic of though is an old one, it does not intise Hec to add anything new to its discussion.

He considers asking the man about his bag, then disguards it equally as quick.

The place smells heavy of wood, it must be one of those smelly candles, it is like a pine tree exploded in there.

Grey tapestry are pleated along the walls. Shelves taller than he. These line the walls with out touching the tapestry.

There are stacked shelves about chest high, they are in some kind of design or mini maze.

Hec starts looking around at the nick naks. They look like tallisments, or charms. The magic on them is real. Maybe he should ask to apprentice with him, this could be a really good thing.

Hec looks up in desire, but No one is in here.

“Who would leave their shop unattended?”

He answers himself.

“Someone not afraid, someone powerful.”

Hec can feel a smile stretch across his face.

Sac Filfer: Good day young Sir, I’m am known as Sac. If I can’t sell it to you, then you don’t need it.

Hec hear the mechanicalness of his words that bleed into his laughter.

It is an old thin man with a marvelous skin color. He is so black that his skin carries a  blue hue. Hec is tying not to stare but it is a sight he has never seen before.

Hec fighters to regain control, and as he does;  It takes only a momentary glance to see that this man possesses no Magical Ora.

The Sac does seem pleasant, Hec can not help but to allows his genuine smile to slides into one that requires effort to maintain..

Sac squints at him in an exaggerated manner, then reaches into his vests pocket, Sac removes a tethered oval and places is above his cheek bone. Hec recognizes it, the previous town Doctor had one, and he called it a monocle. It was made so he could see in one eye, but why only one eye, wouldn’t both eyes be better.

Hec is admiring the monocle as he sees it give off a spike of Magical Ora.

“It must haves some sort of appraisal magic.”  

With a deep breath Hec increases his energy and coxes out a more friendliness then he feels at this moment.

Hec : Greetings Sir, you have a wonderful shop.

As Hec approaches Sac seems to weather away.

Hec wonders if he is getting to close. Hec choses to stop.

Hec : I have come to see what you have to offer. I blacksmith by trade. And have been looking for someone to do business with.

Sac : What items do you offer.

Hec : high quality iron work.

Sac : is its deadly to sprites.

Hec : no Sir…

Hec is cut off.

Sac : then why would i want a lump of ugly, that serves no useful purpose.

Hec had never considered iron to be ugly. Each metal had its own unique beauty.

Hec : i don’t thinks of it as ugly.

Hec is cut off as he is looking for the right words to change the man’s mind.

Sac : that is because you don’t have to sell it. Creators rarely do consider the aesthetics of their work, especially when it is ugly.

“Well no one ever looks at to bottom of horse shoes, so why would he consider…”

Sac : if your here to waste my time, you are succeeding.

Hec : no Sir, i craft hardened horse shoes and was….

The man cuts him off with sudden laughter; this times it is real, thick, and booming.

What use would a place like this have for horseshoes. Does this place look like a farmers store, maybe a staple of smelly slabs of meat.

Hardened metals are a rear thing. You should think about the…

Sac : No, no, no. I dont think you understand, i dont want common things in my shop.

Hec : I said they were rear.

Sac : To you they are rear. To my customers they are a common thing unworthy of my attention.

Hec sighs in frustration. He through his hands up in defeat. He starts to leave.

Sac : You need to buy something for waiting my time.

Hec grabs a winged horse with a horn on its forehead.

Sac : two gold pieces for that magical item.

Hec : it is not magical.

Sac : it is if i say it is.

Hec : you are a lier, and a thief. I wont by anything from the likes of you.

Sac : i will have to call my cousin the Street Chief.

Hec : go ahead so that i may speak with him in the street so that all may hear what i have to say about your shop.

Sac seems to understand that would be bad fore his business.

Sac : fine two silver.

Hec : no way in all the Gods hells that im gonna be paying you two silver, for a Wooden carving of a winged horse with a horn.

Hec : ill give you two copper for it.

Sac : you slime, that is and unfair offer.

Hec : then i will call the Street Chief in and ask him what a poorly carves delusion is worth.

Sac : 5 copper.

If five copper will get this lunatic off his back.

Hec : fine five copper.

Sac reaches out to shake his hand.

Hec places five copper in his hand and storms out of the bull headed mans shop.

The man makes a noise indicatin=g that they need to shake hands.

Hec ignores him.


Later that night on the outskirts of town.

Hec titles the carving in his hands thinking what a useless item.

No on in town wanted to do business with him. He either had to work for him and give up all the profits, or, well there was no or, they had all the power. They weren’t going to let him,

“No, they don’t get to decide if I’m gonna sell my wears.”

I’ll sell them out side the city, or in the street,

Mobile horse shoe service.

The weight of this small man putting his ilk apon him causes a cascade of unrest and in his free fall, Hec tries to find piece of mind, by cutting out his weakness.

What am i doing here?

Is this my truth?

Is this how i become the best me i can?

Is this my destiny?

Is that what i am destined to do? or be?

Can’t I be more?

I am more then this………….

If so then what am i waiting for?

What am I waiting for?

Then Get out there and find here I’m ment to be,

Or are you your father?

You could work like a dog to make ends meat.

Is that where your at?

Thats what Dad did… but i am not him!

I am not a failure like him.

I’d rather be my own kind of failure

Hell i’ll except being my own kind of failure.

Then what are you looking to be?

I excel at being in danger. I love the feeling of being in danger.

But is that wrong, of me to place myself in such a place

I can not Seattle for a life lived on the backsw of others,

I would rather die.

I will not settle for a life unlived

I will not settle

I will not be what others expect of me.

I have the right to choose my own path, even if others believe me to be throwing it away.

I dont care what you want…….

I dont have to accept you, or your shit as my own.

I will choose my own path, and live it how i choose.

I am powerful, i will not allow others to dictate my worth.

Friends are wanted but not needed.

Family is wanted but not needed.

Love is wanted but not needed.


Hec had been making horseshoes for years, and this kid Lie was whining about how it is not fair that He had been blessed him with gifts of Iron by the Gods.

Hec lowered his head and kept the shaking of it as small as he could.

What rights did he have to say such things. His hand gripped the hammers shaft tighter. His strikes became more powerful. But the end of the day Hec could feel the strain on his back. But he did not care.

Lie had walk over with a hand full of twisted metal pieces the Hec guest were attempts at making horseshoes. They were useless, he had burnt the metal and over worked it till it had a grain ;like structure.

What was dad thinking of when he let Lie in here.

Lie tosses down the trashed metals at his feet.  Hec has to move his foot out of the way so not to get hit.

Lie : Hey, this metal you gave me sucks.”

This was his and his dad’s place, what right did he have to come in here and make all these demands. Why was dad letting him get away with it. Dad had never let him get away with behavior like that.

Lie : Here you need to fix these, i dont want him blaming me for what you did.

Hec look to his dad and sees him look away.

Looking back to Lie, he had the nerve to smile at him.

Hec : No … do your own work.

Lie scoured at him, hec could see him balling up his fists as if he intended to pick a fight.

Hec raised the glowing kitchen knife he was beveling.

Lie relives that he was at a disadvantage and backed away. But stood an arms distance away.

Hec felt something move behind him. He know by the size of it it was his dad.

His father grabbed the tongs out of his hand.

Lie smiled as he leaned forward.

Without waiting Hec kick him in his groin.

Dad grab him by the cow hide shirt and throws him to the ground.

Hec is quick to his feet, Lie is not.

Dad has to help him up.

It feels good, Hec makes sure that he is not showing any sign of the joy this sight is giving him.

Dad takes him outside with a genial hand.

Dad would have left him they and stepped over him as if he were fresh manure,

“No, manure is worth more thin i am.”

“His is going to be more trouble then its worth.”

Hec wonders if he should have let Lie hit him.


Lie had been doing this far shorter then one season. For Gods sake, the gold and redend leave had not even began to fall yet. Why was he thinking he should be better.

Hec already knew, everyone did.

To be considered worse than a Jager, it was as low as a Man or Woman couldbe seen in the eyes of a community.

Dad knew this would happen, and he did it anyway.

Sweat not from the heat collates on his upper lip.

Dad is doing it again.

All the joy of seeing Lie daily and the hope that they may become friends is quick to fade.

Hec can not stand this place.

Hec misses the quiet of the furnace’s bellows.

And the hard work it was to keep it going while his dad worked the metal pieces till the became something.

Hec after seeing how the windmill turned stones to grind up flour;

Hec ask his father about adding such a devices to the furnace leaver.

Dad told him it was to much work.

Hec decided to hook up a funnel to draw in Wind coming off the hill that separated them from the Townsfolk.

Hec remembers Miss Margery mean spirited comments to mom about how they would ruin their days. They did not like the smell or soot that blacksmithing created.

But they needed the things they produced,

Yet that did not stop Women from holds their noses up at them then or did it now with him and his dad.

Dad comes to the back of the shop, he simple stairs at him.

Hec wants to tell him its not fair, but he knows his dad could care less about fair.

Dad has a look in his eyes of you should not have done that.

I want to shout back “of cours i should not have done it, but i did.

Dad flicks his head at me

as if we just had the same conversation

and now i am shuffling my feet along the path to home.

I should see if i can catch something for dinner.

The slow movements become a jug that with a little help from down hill turns in to a run.

Hec lungs stretch and it feels good.

He is back to the house.

He tosses off his short and shoes. He heads to the barn where he keeps his bow and arrow.

He has to keep them out of sight because his father once nearly shot him in the face when he was drunk. Whatever darkness dad has with in him, people should be afraid.


He it down to the creek and leaps in.

The stinging cool water washes away the grim of the furnace’s heat.

Hec jumps around shaking the water off, than grabs a handful of bush remnants rubbing his armpits. Then fresh leave in the palm of his hands.

Sticky and smelly.

Hec strings his bow and ties his quiver to the back of his waist.

The Squirles are out in plenty, which means the forest in in a state of peace.

He should be able to find something pretty quick.

He follows the creek til it turns in to a stream. Finding rocks to hope across it.

Landing on the other side he finds tracks.

Human ones,

They are small.

Its a woman or a kid.

Hec heats the idea of wasting time tracking humans, but if it is a kid then they might be lost and in need of help.

He sighs for the lack of desire.

The footprints give way to traces of blood,

As he tracks the reddened water welling up in the footprints.

Then their are drips of in between the steps.

He should go find an adult, but if they are hurt then they need whatever medice anyone can provide.

Plus they Town is with out a Doctor this part of the year.

The tracks and blood make it to the water.

Hec guesses that she realized that she was leaving a trail and is trying to hide.

“Definitely not a kid.”

She may have washed off the blood but the extra water solidified her foot prints in the dirt and show she has headed for the forest.

“But theres nothing out there but a life time of walking through uncharted forest.”

He kneels near one and uses a stick to touch the print, as to not leave his mark on it.

“You should leave this woman to the men of the town.”


Said slowly, as strengthens his resolve in defiance making it clear he won’t be doing that.

He came out here to do something but he can not remember what that was any more.


[RED in the bush where she has collapsed.]

He finds a suit of woman’s Armour poorly hidden in a bush.

It has in it an unconscious and bleeding body in it.

Hec tries to open the hood and see her face, it wont budge.

Then he works at her chest-plate where the blood seems to be coming from.

The suit has some sort of magical binds,

so he can not remove it to see how bad the damages is.

He finds a stone next to him and starts tapping on her Face plate.

Hec : your going to die if you do not stop the bleeding.

Hec repeats it several more time while tapping harder and harder on her mask.

Red : My bad is missing, i have medicine in it.

Then she passes out again.

Hec is not on a hunter for a bag.


He back tracks he trail distroying what he can so if anyone is looking for her

Which he already dose.

It will take much more time and effort to discover her current place.

Hec reaches the limit of how har he has ever gone in this direction.

Where he sees a stone missing its center.

Hec gets closer, he can still feel the residual heat left over from what ever magic was used.

“This must have taken a vast amount of magic.

A body print of the woman’s armout is smirked across the ground in front of the “melted” stone.

He looks at it again it is not really melted, but more like it vanished.

Our she replaced it with herself.

“That means she can use Transportation magics?”

He runs his hand through his hair, he rubs his moist scalp.

“I can hide this.”

He walks around it trying to think of something,

but it leave his mind blank, he hopes something may fall in to his thoughts.

Something grabs his ankle and he trips,

He finds a cowhide bag ectch with an intraquit design and stained a luscious dark brown with copper bottoms inlayed, and two copper buckles. Holding it closed.

Hec tries to open it but it wont budge,

“It must be magically sealed.”

I guess the whole things going.”

He swings it over his shoulder, but can not decide if it heavier or lighter then he thought it would be.

A crow squeaks at him and he realizes its near Sun Down.

Dad will be out drinking late so he doesn’t have to hurry home, as long as there is food for him apon his return home.

Spare himself an ass whoopin.

Now that he knows here she is,

going to her will be much easier

Hec is excited to find her, well maybe he is excited to see what happens when she uses magic.

Magic is forbidden in his township.

Peerlings who use magic are considered in collusion with the Frey and beasts against the good people of the land.

Hec scoffs and the idea that they are the good people of the land.

These people have not been to nice to him so far.

Hec taps on her helm.

Hec : Miss i think i have your things.

She attempts to move but is brought to a quick stop by a mountain of pain.

She reaches for the bag and Hec has to bring it closer so her arms do not move to much.

She opens the bag and pulls out a cristal vile, she breaks the top off and chugs the contents.

She strains to breath shallowly, Hec can see the effort she is using.

RED : its not enough.

Hec : I’m sorry, but i have no medicines for you. Our Doctor did….

Red : No Doctors. I need rest.

Hec : I know of a place close by.


Its a struggle to help her walk when it would be so much easier for him to carry her over his shoulder.

It Sun down by the time they reach it.

Hec takes her to the Cave of a bobcat he had killed last year for its hide.

Is this okay.

He does not say it but bringing her to the house. Is a very bad idea.

One his father would tell the town elders and if there is trouble…

Hec may not like his dad from timer to time but he does not wish him any harm.



Final Act: climaxe  


In the villages Hostel :

Before first light of day, Hec was already fidgeting.

His naked body against the silk like bedding felt amazing.

“Why did i have to sleep with such scratchy blankets.”

In reflection of his matted bed.

He made up the bed,as a reflex, but also to show it respect for gifting his a wonderful nite.

Hec then sat down Cross legged on the floor, he pulled his bag to him. Pulling open the lip took more effort than it should have, but his body could still feel the warmth of the bed.

Hec is going to have to go over the items he had left, he can surely hunt, but there is more to life than hunting.

Looking at his fingers as they pride open the last little bit of the bag’s ragged mouth; he noticed that his hands were shaking. Hec had an overabundance of energies,

Hec had not slept in a bed in a while, it made him miss his straw filled mattress, it took him a life time to work it in to the shape he like. It was strange to believe a stranger’s bed could give him a ton of extra energy.


His bag had less then the usual amount of dry meat and fruit. He shifts uncomfortable shifts from butcheek to buttcheck. We wondered if he had been eating more than he thought. Hec crawled through his thoughts back to the rocky slim trails, were he had to sleep and the Giant he had met. The Stormdragon’s winds still howled in his ears, the fearing that they would blow him right off of the edge gathers in his throat.

Hec was not paying the trails their proper attention, he had been in a rush to get down, making it much riskier than was necessary, and definitely caused there to be more work than anticipated.

In fact everything is more than expected. He missed the carefree parts of his day.

He even bet his dad would let him back into the house. Hec could feel something like a rope pulling on his chest.


He look back in to the bag of foreign things and needs a several breaths before he can resume his counting of the portions of rations he would be needing.

“Seven days worth. If I stretch it out.”

That is more than enough to get him there and back before running out.

He could buy more upon his return.

“Okay that is settled.”

But it had not, he has trying not to overthink things now. All his thoughts turned his stomach.

He had to forcibly relaxed his shoulders.

“I have enough water.”

He relaxed his shoulders.

“I have enough supplies.”

Then he stretched his neck til it popped in both directions.


Well he would use his hammer of cours, it should be more then powerful enough to distroy a few Wasps, and their nest. He has a rusty long sword he has decided to restore along his journey.

And his bushcrafting nife, altho it is as long as a short dagger.

That is firmilly attached to his belt.

He places his fingers on it to make sure that it is there.

Its soft leather is gives him a sense of familiarity.

And took away the sense that he was lost.

He would take out his bear cloak, it will be a little nippy in the morning.

And he can put it away if he needs to.

The cloak is long enough to hide the hammer and his pack.

He has been happy to walk around bear foot by doing something dangerous made his feet bear.

“Plus winter is coming up.”

His altitude is still an issue, having aching feet till nearly next summer sundered like “a real drag”.

“I can buy a pair of tough hide boots when i Gertrude back; it will be like treating myself for a job well done.”

The idea of having done something well done gave him a moment of unexpected joy.



Hec heads for the dip in between the two emerald green hills.

The land has scorched marks in it.

They must have been planning to plant fields before being attacked.

The char leads up to a old growth tree line.

Its easy to tell the soft bark from the scale like markings that surround the thick bodied trunks with branches that we’ve them selvf in every witch way they choose, accept in to the personal spaced of another tree. “Because that would be rude, Mr, Larkin”. He here could hear the last Marm’s voice echoing in his head, it brought about the sad memories of the town’s Magistrate having her burned live for supposedly being in league with the Frey. Every one knew it was a lie but no one did anything to stop it. Hec liked Marm Herim, she made learning fun, and he was always happy to listen to her stories…

“Hey Blockhead, pay attention, this is dangerous, you need to focus.”

He puts away the memories away for another day.

With a deep breath looks around to make sure nothing was creeping up that he was not paying attention to.

“Nope, just a bench of old trees, with white streamers … of?”

He had not seen this on Old Groth trees before.

Even Oder was the fact that the streams were pointing at him.  


Looking past the trees, Hec can see retreating ground fog.

“Is that a good sign? Only time will tell.”

The treebasens are covered in a robust moss that vary in color from a slew of greens, dark reds, and spots of black.

He is pretty sure if he took a nap there he would not be waking up, like ever.

But it gave the trees a sweet and sickly smell, not like aq dead animal, but like an old woman’s house, no that is not right. Like mixing to many blooming Founa together.

Thats not right ether. He need to think about it some more.

“Your supposed to be paying attention, remember?”


He is supposed to be doing something.

Theback of his throat is tingling but he does not feel the need to cough, actually he does not feel anything.

He raises his hand to his face and can see duplicates chasing it.

“Thats not normal … but what is normal?”

Its as if there is another voice in his head that is not him but sounds like him, saying thing to him, as if it were himself.

Hec : wow.

He turns to head back but he has walk far enough in that his trail out is no longer visible.

He will just have yo track himself out.

Looking at the ground;

Its as if gigantic worms were burrowing just below the surface while letting out sparkling lights of random colors.

His stomach feels queezy, as if something my have crawled in there and is doing canon ball drops in it.

He closes his eyelids trying to find his center and is hit by a tidel wave of uphoria.

Opening his eye as far as he can lets his brain know his is laying on the ground.

Non of his body is responding, but what does feels more like a cataplexy crawling around.

A feminine version of his own voice comes through, loud and clear.

“What did i just say to you; why don’t you listen; didn’t i tell you to not go in here.

I swear i did just say it.”

As Hec fights against the nothingness taking over his body.he manages to ask,

Hec : who are you?

Quick and sharp,

“Don’t be a dummy… i’m you. Well i’m a part of a different you, anyway.”

Hec’s lucidity is slipping. He finds construction thoughts like sifting through dry sand.

Hec : What is going on?

She laughs,

“Isn’t it clear … Your fucked.”

He dosent know what that last word is, but she is the only one there,

Hec : Help me.”

She answers before he finishes,

“Why would i do that, your the one who got us into this mess with her.”

Hec : If i die, you die.

The words seem real enough when he says them.

There is a silence that lasts long enough that he fears she may have left him.

“ As if… It doesn’t work that way,”

She sighs in exasperation.

His body heats up

It feels like as if someone were starting to boil. His mind finds images of vegetables that would be good in a stew.

“Come on, snap out of it.”

Things slowdown and the ground finds some solidity.

Hec hears her voice but it so far away, and echoes as if in a tunnle.

He tries but it is impossible to make out what she is saying.

He knows its important tho.

He wakes to the mid days sun baking him is to a poodle of his own sweat.

His face is full of numbness.

His body feels as if  of a early morning gelatinous cube.

Hec : how long?

The Trees have a musky smell, No its more then that, its a blend of moss, tree bark, early morning dew, the residing fog. .



Hec struggles to get around, keeping his mind on each step and making sure he is sure footed.

The distance between trees grows slimmer, sun light is worked down till it could be cal;led streams. They mark spaces in between trees.

Hec mouth dries as he comes across a creek bed,

The bed is large enough across to be considered a river,

but there is no running water,

But the ground is moist.

That means the water was cut off recently.

“There must be a dam up there somewhere.

But he knows it can not be to far away.

The forest has become suffocating.

With a magical musk. Its like a decaying floweral bouquet.

The canopies are overlapping; Culling the light till it is a shade about nite.

The waves wash over him with a sleep like warmth.

Hec is filled him like ,

His eyes begin to close, he pinches the inside of his thigh.

Hec hope it will keep him awere.

There is a dam up a head.

growing thicker and


The dam skirts the edge of one of the massive “hills”.

Past a shroud of bushes and tree is a sharp corner of rock.

That looks as if it has been split open.

That fat bodied wasps? They look as much as Peerlanders.

Is that what Frey do to forest creatures, weird question; What is Frey interacted with humans? They would look normal.

He tried to think back the the “Trials”, the ones were they sought out Remnants, those infected by the Frey’s magics.

He was not allowed to see such things by his mother who thought it barbaric and cowardly.

“They only fear the power that those gifted poses, The fear being weaker.”

A clear picture of his mother flashes in to his mind, and it stops time and he holds on to it as if it were his last breath.

A buzzing in his ears blows her image away as if it were mere smoke.

Hec thinks of all the places that he has placed his weapons.

His bushcraft nife is closest.

From ear to ear he tries to figure of to special distance.

When he visualizes it its way to close.

It is about ten feet behind him.

It has to know he does not belong.

He uses all of his force to push himself in to an arching jump.

In intersect with the wasp.

At the same time he pulls out his nife and aims it at the his enemy.

It is a robust worker whom seems more perplexed then afraid.

But the nife cuts her in half,

His action was unexpected, Hec can tell it is surprised asthe life wades from its eyes.

It death gives him a chill. Her eye expression had no intention of harming him.

He wonders what’s he had done.

He knows thos was a mistake.

Heat rises from her segmented body, it make his queezy.

Another worker flyers over in some sort of concern,

She looks at her dead sister then around to see him standing there with the bloody nife that had harmed killed her.

Hec moves closer to say something, but she recoyals in horror.

Hec puts his hands up to say he comes in pease, but one still holds the murderous weapon.

She opens her mouth of jagged teeth in an intention to shreak.

Terror fills his body, because he wont be able to explain this.

He dashes at her a carves off a wing and an arm.  

He swings to cut her but a root stops his chop. She crawls into the thick vegetation.

Hec sees her arm twiching, he needs to get out of here.

Turning around are another dozen workers, this time he can feel their hatred.

No, their intent to kill him.

They are heavy and slower then the Warriors.

But they have numbers.

For everyone he cuts down two or three replace it. He needs to run, but he has created a defensive zone where he feels like he has control.

He know it is a lie but leaving it terrifies him, but if he does not he will die.

“He hear himself construct his father voice


And his body responds, leaping and slashing his way out of his safe zone.

They are so many of them now it is hard to see way he is going.

They are paring their movements to his and are filling his vision and the air with a grim nite.

The pollen is coating his eye and throat.

His vision is becoming blurry.

He trips over a rock and slams his shoulder in to a wall of warm stone.

“Warm stone?”

He wipes at hos eyes and sees it is the opening to the Wasp’s nest.

“You idiot, you have killed us!”

Their is a wall of wasp edging closer.

Bee will protect their young. He drops the nife and pulls his hammer from his legs holster. He extends it as far as he can get it to go with out him passing out.

He swings at the base shattering rock, the spray his him and his attackers whom now see an opening to attack his exposed back.

Pain lights his back on fire.

The stricks the base again.

This time sending a crack up the rock wall; Wasps stop attacking to look up in horror, as an unimaginable calamity is unfurling.

Hec tacks this moment to strike it again.

Dust shakes itself loose.

The weight of the slate has been set in motion worker abandon him and head inside to sure up their home.

Before Hec can send it toppling down three warriors show up.

They dart inbetween him and the rock wall.

They back him away.

He catches one of them with the hammer and explodes it in to strings of guts and blood.

The Wasps venom is pulsating in his ears.

A sharp light come down from above, she buzzes an order.

Queen : Save your sisters!”

The light fades and a half wasp Alf naked woman appears in front of him.

He has never seen anyone but his mother naked before,

it feels like he is intruding.

Queen: what are doing? Why are you attacking us?

Hec : I’m not, your attacking me.

Queen : you have the scent of my children’s blood apon you.

Hec : i was trying to leave, you attacked me.

Queen : enough, speak no more,

She waives her hand and the warriors back off.

Queen : i shall lay my new born Daughters in your heart!



Hatch her children from my hart?

Hec : “i do not want this.

Queen : who I care what you want.

Hec : please

Queen : what that mean to Me, Die Peerlander filth.

“This is to crazy. This is not what Hero’s do. Run away.”

His feet respond and finding stable ground underneath him.

The queen is faster than her Warriors.

She is in his face.

He bends his back til it feel like it is going to break, then twists,

Throwing off his balance.

He hits the ground, but that only gives him more traction to push himself into a sprint.

His lungs strain to find air


As he bounces off the first tree.

Her luminous wings create tracers.

That zig zagg across his vision.

She finds a place in front of him to hauver.

Her wings light up the dimly lit forest.

They turn from a cold neon blue to and cycle backwards threw the spectrum of colors in a rainbow till a fiery red is achieved.

Placing her hands together Hec watches as she create a sword from nothing but her hands.

Queen : I call upon you Stinger.

She is calling apon an invisible force, to do her bidding.

As Hec sidesteps her.

“I am so screwed.”

Queen : hey get back here.

“As if.”

She chases Hec through the forest.

“The weight of the sword must be slowing her down.”

Hec takes off his pack and dashes into some sticky bushes,

He opens it then uses his pack as a buffer.

The Queen comes around a titled stump of dark moss.

She dive straight into the sticky bush, she easily maunuvers around the thorns,

But stops as she sees something she dose not understand.

All the sticky branches are strained and taught. The freied and folded flaps comes at her. She spins around in an attempt to escape out of its path, but she is to slow to react and is engulfs. Just like that she is trapped.

Hec breaks out in to a sweat,

His pulls himself and the bag from the sticky thickit.

He waist no time in getting out of there.

Ever once of energy is spent if getting back to the Village.

He collapses on the outskirts.


Hec wakes to find himself in that luxurious bed once more.

They is stacks of bandages next to a pile of bloody one.

“Why are those here”

His itching skin prompts his to look at his bandaged arms.

In the background a girl sleeps in a chair near the bed.

She is to young to be a healer.

She is prolly there to keep an eye on him if anything goes wrong.

Elder Lady: She is here to make sure that you do not make a run for it, this little situation that you got yourself into is an expensive one.

Hec : what?

Elder Lady : You came back to us on deaths door and out of the kindness of our hearts we patch you up, but that does not mean it was free. You will be expected to work it off.

Hec. : can you not take it out of my earnings?

Elder Lady : What earnings would those be?

Hec : for distroying the Hive and capturing the Queen.

Elder Lady : there is not need to lie, Boy.

Hec : i do not lie.

Elder Lady : Then where is the Queen you captured?

Her tone is dismissive, but its her scowling eyes that get to his pride.

Hec : in my bag.

In a mocking tone.

Elder Lady : In your bag.

Then she laughs in his face. Hec feels his anger rising, and ties to hold it back.

With a stiff jaw.

Hec : It a special bad.

Elder Lady : Who did you steal it from?

Hec : I am no thief!

Elder Lady : There is no reason to get angry.

Hec : You insult me and expect that i will not be offended?

Elder Lady : That does not mean you can not act civilized.

Hec : i think not, if your the example, I’d rather just be on my way if you do not mind.

Elder Lady : Now Now, i did not intend to offend. Please calm yourself.

Hec does his best to clench his teeth.

Elder Lady : I will inform the authorities of your deeds.

Hec watches the old woman leave, with every step his anger subsides.

Till the door clicks closed.

Then he hears her lock the door.

An insult to injury moment.

Lela : i have never seen someone talk to her like that.

Hec : i should not have …

Lela cut him off,

Lela : that was a once in a life time moments that i will use to remember you.

Hec : You make it sound like i am dead.

Lela : you are indeed. She may look old but that woman could tear a wildling down with her bear hands.

Hec :that does not give her the right to treat others with ill will.

Lela laughs.

Hec : What?

Lela : That was the nicest i have ever seen the Magistraigh.

Hec swallows hard.

Lela : yep you stepped in it good this time, best luck getting out of here with your manhood still attached.

Lela laughs herself back into her chair.

Hec watches as her body jiggles, she puts off an energy that is soothing.

He ever has the chance to talk with kids his own age.

Let Alone a girl.

Hec : how did you end up here, i mean with the duty of watching me?

Lela : i am not supposed to talk to you.

Hec chin falls to his chest.

Lela : bit since we are the only ones here, and you promise not to get me into trouble…?

She waits for him to acknowledge that he understands.

Hec nods his head up and then down.

Lela : my family still owns her family wages that helped us through last winter, and no one out runs me, mom says its a fracture, its a…

Hec sees her face twitch as she realizes that she revealed something should not have.

Hec : do not worry, its safe with me, the Lady in Red said i have one too.

Heck if i know what it is tho, at least you know what yours is.

Lela is stunned that her would reveal his.

Lela : wed must not speak of these things.

Hec : it is like that in my town as well. Do not worry, you are safe with me.

She looks at him differently, her eyes have a glazed over quality.

Her body sinks into it self.

He knows that look of self hatred  altho by the looks of it …

Seated fetal position, minus the rocking, she might be in shock.

Hec : Are you in need of Doctor?

He repeats it twice more.

She does not respond.

Honking his feet on to the edge of the beds frame.

Hec curls up until he is in a seated position.

This breaks whatever spell she had put herself in, as she jump from the chair to the back wall. He watches as she pushes her body weight against the wall. Her face is younger looking then her body.

It feminate in the kind of what a women with birthing hips are, but in the way of an Athlete in the Central Games would be.

He would only get to see them, if they happened to need work done while passing through their town.

Hec father was the tallest, thickest, and most muscular in their town; However the  Athletes were taller, thicker, and as much muscle, but leaner. His thoughts linger on the Last one to visit: he needed repaired shinguard, father talked him into buying a new matching pair. It took Hec all night to hammer out the blanks

For BISSESSITON (bi-est-ton).

Hec remembers the look father gave him,

He could feel his father’s gaze upon him at this very moment.

He blokes the images with words said to himself,

“No, not in that way, She did not look like them, the Athletes, but more like the runner who would proceed them, as if the Athlete’s Personal Harold.”

Lela : you should not have been aloud in his place of honor.

Hec : why is that?

Lela : have you forgotten what you told me, your one of them!

Hec is confused but her turnabout.

Hec : Did you not just tell me you were one of them too.

Lela : i would never say such a horrible thing, how dare you accuse me of being cursed by the gods, you you shut your mouth.

Hec tosses his hands up in retreat.

He looks down to his bandaged feet.

“She has lost her mind.”

Someone unlocks the door and a fat man with an axe busts in, and shouts,

Guy : what in the name is going on in here.


Lela : i did not do anything.

Guy : your not supposed to be talking to him.

Lela takes the open door as an opportunity to leave, the fat guy tries to stop her but his feet are to slow.

The guy points his finger at Hec and says;

Guy : dont you be causing anymore trouble.

Then the guy slams the door shut.

Hec can hear the two arguing in the hall.

Hec guesses that the guy stomps off after her,

While forgetting to lock the door.

Hec wiggles to the edge of the bed and slides his legs over the edge.

He squeezes his eyelids closed as his feet touch the warm floor.

He tries to relax as he stands.

Hec waits for an overwhelming pain to take over, but it never comes.

In fact he feel rejuvenated. He takes a step and his legs have a stiffness to them.

But nothing walking around for a little bit could not render free.

He looks around the bed for his things but they are nowhere in sight.

He opens the door. And peeks his head out looking for anyone that might scold him. But the hall is empty.

Hec wonders around opening doors, the place seems empty.

In the room closest to the stair leading to the lobby.

Hec finds his things laying out.

Some one went threw all his things.

They must have been looking for the Queen.

“But they could not open the compartment.”

Thank god they didnot try they would have been attacked.

That is when Hec notices the blood on the door jam.

It was not a lot but enough that he thought he should be worries that someone might want to get back at him for it.

Hec dresses as quickly as he can.

Strapping his bad on.

Hec heads for ther door and it opens as he reaches for the handle.

Magistraigh : well i am glad you feel well enough to get up. The Village council wishes to speak with you.

He had been caught.

Hec : okay.


He is standing in a very small space at the edge of a large room.

Hec has not been in tomany rooms as large as this.

The white washed walls made it feel sterile.

The lack of window made it feel stuffy or claustrophobic.

Seven old people sit at the other end.

They seem to be talking to one another.

He stands there waiting for someone to address him.

But no one does.

He wonders if they intend on serving lunch.

Because standing there is making him famished.

Hec waits a little bit longer then looks around and seen the wooden railing that is boxing him in. He pulls on it then decides it is safe enough to sit on.

He turns and leans on it. A boy at the end of the old men scurries over.

Boy : you need to remain standing.

Hec starts to get up but decide to find a more comfortable position.

Hec : No,

The Boy seems confused.

Hec : tell them that i am tired, from lack of food and sleep.

The Boy scurries back. And speaks with the oldest looking one at the end.

His face becomes sour and he passes it on to the other old men.

One of the men speaks, but her is so far away that Hec can not hear him.

Hec : WHAT!

The Boy scurries over.

Boy : he said… hec waves his hand and crawls over the wooden gate that seems to be locked, but not tall enough to stop any one or thing of decrepit condition.

The men look in a stage of fright they may lead to them fleeing at any moment.

The Man in the Center,

Man4 : you are in violation of our rules.

Hec : let us work this out as quickly as possible. We can not do that if i am on the other side of the room.

Man3 : it is how things are done.

Hec : if you laws count then so do mine. Non of which any of this is appropriate.

The men stair at him in disbelief.

Hec : well, speak.

The man at the end stand with the assistance of his Cain.

With a humph he exits the elevated seating.

The others follow in his action.

“Why is everyone so mad?

He misses the blan attitude of if town.

All this is so exhausting.


Thinking back to the before.

My life had died and i was reborn in too this new one.

But birth comes with being a baby.

Lessons i had to learn again from a new perspective.

Money is not everything … to me.

Fame is a dream i have, it is not whom i am.

Fame is not what i seek, it is being of value.

Having someone realize that i am of value.

That my existence is of worth.

The clothes on his back

No tools , but bushcraft nife

Just the thing =s in his head.

A medallion I an he can not take off.

TURNING THE QUEEN OVER TO THE VILLAGE : he could not kill her, so he brought her back to the village.

The elders are angry he didn’t kill her.

But he did destroy the hive.

They add him in trying to kill the Queen,

They settle for capture. They aloe the Villagers to take out their frustrations out on her.


They charge his for the room he spent one nite in and supplies that he didn’t takes. (But someone did).

So he ended up owing them money.

But they are gracious enough to let the debt go.

They smile in his face,

The local judge won’t uphold your right to contest, since he owns the Boarding house you tented for the stay of


They treat her as if she had attacked them,

And is worthy of verbal slurs and ridicule.

A man covered in inks; A man who the world looked at with disgust,

His face seethed with disgust a these peoples action.

That single look said more then any aliquent words could have encapsulate.

These people were the Frey of their own nightmares.

“This is not right, they do not have a right to treat others like this.”

But looking at there faces with is not something they want to hear, they like passing these judgements, they enjoyed taking their pains out on others.

“Thats not fair.”


He sets her free.

Rosterd boar

Roasted birds







Striking falling leaves, because it is hard.

Scensing the falling leaves

The scarecrow.

Crosses of men battered down.

Some have clean cuts, others are broken as if struck by a club.

One can tell that he is not holding the weapon right. By the shape of the hack marks he left.

Learning to put an index on the handle.

A fake man dummy that he practices swinging his swords apon to make sure they are sharp enough.

You see it as one or two,

But his father finds it and its an armies worth of hacked down bodies.

He shoots down the fruit out of the trees,

He carries ore from the mines on his back.

Has to work bellows for is father.\

Local Capitol enforcers train out in the forest where it is easy for Hec to watch

“If you can not move then you are dead.”

Hec learn to maneuver around trees and stones like water.

Fire is for cowards – one should sleep in the black and find it embrace a comfort.

With out the fire sounds are nearly overwhelming,

At first all the soundas are warnings, as his mind opens and he can identify the sounds creaters and they intentions

He comes across a mountain loin and sees that it is not hungry,

It is as worries about him as he is about it.

Their gazes break with no ill will, just mutual curiosity.

The forest is not filled with animals seeking destruction.

But live simpler lives not made full of tasks

They are not vinous creatures they are a lot like

Fancy feet won’t save you,

You need to know when to be as lite as a feather or as heavy as a rock

Ever throw your weapons down, it is a sight of disrespect.

Why be concerned with uncertainties; no one knows tomorrow but the gods themselves. Leave it to them, this here is for you to deal with.

8 strike attack

The work shop is burned down and Hec is blamed.

Erin started here……………!!

Then : at that time / then we will go.

Than : in comparison /he is better than

Practice : 50419


In a box of kittens:

Answers a post on Craigslist:

Forgets important words:

    Sue found a parking space on the outskirt of the nearest Whole Food. It was at the furthest end of the lot. Sue was truly grateful to find one.

    The last time she didn’t even get a spot, a pack of kids swooped in and cut her off, stealing the spot she had been waited for.

     As if that wasn’t bad enough they had the audacity to yell, “Better next time Grandma.”  As they gave themselves a round of high fives. Sue grips the stirring wheel till her knuckle ache. “Fucking kids.”

    The edge of her mouth crinkles up as she remembers having th idea of running them down, she could tell the police her foot slipped, she was old enough that it would be consider an accident, right? The conscious barked “dont let that kinda shit cross your mind.” She looked in the rear view mirror to make sure she was the one who scolded herself. Sue had parked her late husband’s brown Ford truck in a row of Easter egg colored Prius’. Her non-compact barely fit in the spot.

Her thin frame allowed her to slip off the frayed ductape bench seat, she even managed to do it without crumpling the eggshell colored driver side door. Seeing this everywhere she went, pissed Sue off to no end. Sue considered it another symptom of the growing laziness. She wondered where the days had gone when people went out of there way to do things the right way. Like this here… People who had to back their cars into spots. “Can’t they just park like normal folks”.

as long as she keeps the door pinned to her chest. Sue then turns sideways and wiggles her way out,

The Sun over head had a harsh texture causing bleeds of sweat form on her upper lip.

She can see the waves of heart levitating off the black asphalt.

Her Crochs sound as it they are stricking with every step.

The Sun has out, but there was a strong wind blowing the heart right off her body, even tho she had on a coat and a windbreaker.

An abandon box of Kitten was left in front of a Whole Foods.

The SPCA was called to collector them, but patrons joyfully adopted them.

By the time Sue showed up there has only one. Sue exzamined its small weak frame, and decided that it was not going to make it.

Sue would not let its final moments on this Earth be in an incinerator.

But sue had so many to feed already.

She thought pretty hard for aq moment that the influx’s of yoga moms had to walk around her. They didn’t spare their agitated “Namisdays” to her back.

Sue paid them no mind. “Mod is nursing, maybe she would be willing to accept her?”

Worry weighs upon her brow.

“If not ill have to stay up and feeding her every couple of hours with a eye dropper.”

Sue new that at her age, that wasn’t likely going to happen.

were she was found. And old woman names Sue took her in before the elements robed her of her life.

She looked strange compared to other Kittens.

it wast about her short hair with a Kalico pattern.

Or the fact that her eyes looked as if the Sun was bouncing off the sand mounds in the desert.

Sue quickly decided her name was KALI. “The poor thing”. Was the smallest kitten she had ever laid eyes on, and she had seen alotta of them over the past 72 years on her family’s farm.

Kali tried to cry out but her lungs were to underdeveloped. Kali was at the point that Sue was at a loss fore how Kali managed to live through her own birth.

Kali shook as if she was having a seizure, but Sue having lived on said farm had an eye for judging stock. Sue knows that Kali is weak but she is a fighter.   

“Just keep breathing, we’ll survive this one breath at a time.”

Once at the farm every cat was super-interested in meeting the new arrival.

It was strange how all the house cat took to her, but the feral ones didn’t.

Sue made sure that Kali got nursing time with a black and white mosaic pattern American Curl named Mod.

Kali grew faster then the other kittens.

It was startling for Sue to wake every morning and see the growths the LaPerm with her own eyes. Sue had started to keep a tape measure next to her bed, but stoped checking after Kali dwarfed a full grown Tom, with showing no sign of slowing.

Kali was the size of a Six year old child when Sue had a whole new set of worries. Sue notices that Kali’s hips had widened. She should have spayed Kali when she was young now she couldn’t let her get with in a mile of town, unless Sue wanted to give Kali up for experimentation. The government was always paying for things of a bizarre nature. The next week Kali was clumsily walking into things, Sue checked her to find that Kali’s shoulders were wider, and Sue could feel that Kali’s bones had thickened considerably. Sue could only assunmed it was due to her body needing a more substantial frame. To carry her frowning weight.

Maybe she is reverting or changing into something like a great cat like a lion in the planes of  Africa, but Kali’s head was taking on an oddly round shape. It terrified Her to see Kali’s head enlarged in proportions to a human.  

Sue had never paid much attention to Kali’s titts before. But she only had two, and they were high then they should be.

“How could Kali be doing this?” Sue asked herself. Sue quickly Imagined a man and a cat commingled, but she batted them away. Thinking herself silly for evengoing there. But Kali couldnt be a … was Kali a Mutant?

But if she was a mutant then didn’t that make her a human?

Sue thought hard and as far back as she could to her youth

had never seen an animal with mutations that gave them powers.

Maybe Kali started out as a human baby and was turned into a kitten.

Or even worse did someone else turn her into a kitten.

Kali became comfortable with walking upright, especially when she wanted cookies. But prefered to be on all four for ease of movement.

Kali’s intelligence increased exponentially. Sue tried to teacher human things but Kali seemed unresponsive to the idea.

One Sunday while they were watching reruns of Opra, Kali stated making wailing noises, Sue kept shooing her. Till Kali responded with a sharp “No”. Sue leapt from her seat in surprise.

Kali watched her carefully. Moving closer.

By the age she reach puberty. She had another growth spurt.

Going from 12 to 20 in a manner of days.

Her growls like screams could be heard for blocks.

The orphanage har to chemically sedate her.

In humans years she has 5, physically she was about 20.

HECTOR / P-33019

Opening transcript: Orana Orange’s thoughts about Hector.

As teens go… HECTOR was well…  

Hector was tall and well built for his age.

I always imagined him being older then he was.

JESSA the Town’s Marm would say over Tea; “That Hector, well he’s not particularly good with his lessons, but hes going to be a blacksmith”. JESSA was always trying to say nice thing about him. But it bothered me that they all had planned out his whole life.

His father PUDEN, or as I’m forced to call that Slobbin man, Mr Flecken.

“I didn’t want that woman, filling his small head with those thoughts, they ain’t right, they’re  not of his own. He’s got no room in there”. Now that I think of it, i can’t recall a moment were he wasn’t insulting Hector. “He’s going be a Blacksmith like his father, and his father’s father”.

So i guess school was an elective for him.

Not like me, my mother insisted that i go. She is the Mother of nurses for our town’s Doctor Mr BERK.  At Tea-time banter, Mother is quick to scoff when his name comes up, that is the most she dare to indicate her distain for him. Because no woman would ever openly speak ill of a Man, and as Mother of Nerses could be taken away if another woman were to sugjest that she were to be doing so, but at home she’d drink a concoction that would loosen her tongue that would dis may father; She didn’t think much of his skills. Doctor was a home grown son of a Doctor Doctor, not like the ones of those that went to NARA our Capital for formalized training. She and the other nurses had to constructed a system for working around him. As long as he got the credit for healing them and it looked like he was in charge he let them do almost anything they wanted.  

[The town Marm is responsible to educate children in reading, writing, and counting. This was against the policies of the Capital, so it was done in the home under parental supervision.]

O… I’m supposed to be talking about Hector, right. Well he was a strange kid, No that’s not the right word. He never had the disposition of a kid, not that i can remember. I mean he is older then me and his mother was gone before my Blessing Day. I think the term Young adult would be a better. I don’t think it’s Hector’s fault, not at all. It’s his father who’s a really foul, a pig who seeks the companionship of girls not yet woman, i am not suppose to say this but i hear is cures his manhood is to little for a grown woman, or so SEN a nurse told my mother when she had a Fever-drink.

Hector kept to himself, I tried my best to get close, but he wouldn’t engage.

I could see he wanted to,

Then he would disconnect, he’d look to his house. I dare not call that lean-to a home, it’s like a broken shack. Well anyway…

I could see his sweet and kind soul disappear as his eyes glazed over. Hector’s sweetness was replaced by something else. When he’d look back, his eyes has something else inside him.

I swere it was like that golem from a traveling circus that came throw at the end of the last season harvest. It was like a real coldness. But then it would fade when he realized it was me. There was always a look of gilt for he was aware he did this thing … he really was different, you know.

I hated the day that blood red haired Woman came to town; her and her stupid men’s clothes, and She wore a men’s War-Armour, what woman would do such a thing, its disgraceful.

She came at the worst time for Hector. He wasnt thinking straight, shemust have done something to his brain. He is really kind, i know cause he did laugh and he protected little animals, he was so genial with, even those gross spineless worm thing.

You know who you should be going after is that braggart. Personally he’s a fat, slobbin, pig of a man who stole the joy out of any moment he was apart of. Not that anyone ever would have invited him to do so.

Our town rules required me to so him kindness and refer to him as Mr. Flecken.

It was the name of our founder. I wonder if he had known that this would be the result of him blessing a bearer with his seed.

Why would PINA the Goddess of fertilityallow Mr Flecken spirits to travel into a Bearer.i swear when i am a bearer, he better never sets foot apon my steps, i will happily refuse him, and be glad the shame it will bring him.

I don’t feel so good, may i go home now?

Father wont like it that I’m out so late, not till…

Testimony concluded:

1/ tea time is a time when women were allowed to gather without being interrupted by men. A holy gathering; it was as sacred as when EESA the Goddess of fertility would cleans a woman’s body.

Current WIP: 21419

I don’t have a name for it yet.

Act I:

Scene int: dinning room.

Shawn sits at the dinning room table,

He is sitting in his dirty football gear.

Scarfing down a large plate of his mother spaghetti. Clumpy dry noodles.

His father watches him eat with concern.

Shawn feels his father watching


Hey dad…

He tries to put on a smile, while he waits for father to respond.

Father breath as he seems annoyed.


What son.

Coach says that I’m a shoe in for first-string noise guard. I mean i have a few more plays to memorize, wont that be great, you and mom can come watch me play. I mean if you can get time off from work, it would be nice right?

Shawn surtches his face of a moment of recognition.

Father sits back in his chair til it creeks.


I don’t know, your mother isn’t really into that kinda… Sure, maybe, will see. Okay.

Shawn grabs on to the hope and feeds on it.


Yeah, sure, okay.

Father points at the half eaten plate.


Plenty of our people are starving, They doing get any choice weather they get a meal, honor their sacrifice and finish your plate. Plus Sharren work hard on it, and this family isn’t wasteful sort.

Scrapes: / / Finish your plate,

Shawn scarfs down the plate; trying not to wonder why his father is paying attention to him. Its what hes’ wanted but it feels out of place.

In between mouthfuls.


Where is mom?

Father looks more annoyed at the questions. He doesn’t answer the question.


You feeling okay?


Tired from our two a-day practice, we had to run extra cause one of the boy said something about the President, coach was pissed.


What did you do?



Farther face finds a place of hatred.


I wasn’t there, we were running drills on the other side of the field.

There is an alarm, father raises his wrist and checks his watch, but when did father get a watch.

He taps it and sighs.

There is a knock at the door.

Shawn can hear men’s thick heels clicking down the hall.

His body tells him to run, but what would father think if he acted afraid.

Father and three men in charcoal black suits white shirts, and black ties.


Boy, stand.

Man in black:

Sir, we’ve got this.


Son, you’ve been tested and found to be carrying Abilities that are of use to your government.

Shawn wants to deneigh it, but he’s always been bigger and stronger then others of his educational grouping.

Shawn stands worth his head hung low.

MIB lifts his chin.

This isnt a bad thing, you and your family can be proud that you will play a part in repelling the force of evil that are trying to steal our way of life.

Shawn can see the man truly believes in what he is saying.

There is a magnetic clank of metal.

Shawn realizes he is weren’t a collar.


You should go before Boris mother gets home.

Shawn is placed in the back of a car, that he barley fits in.


How old is he?

As the cars tiers crackle against the asphalt. Watches mom run up to Greg, he can see her start to scream, and throw her hands around, she ponds on Greg’s chest, as the car turns the corner, and the last time he’d ever she his family again